Monday, January 11, 2010

Ireland's slideshow

After finally figuring out how to do slideshows, I finally have posted a little over 100 pics.  The pictures are awesome and beyond loved by us but they far from do her beauty justice.
When viewing these please remember that in 11 days, Ireland changed quite a bit.  At birth, she immediately had to be intubated because of the CDH (congenital diaphragmatic hernia).  Not too soon after that she had to placed on ECMO and that causes quite a bit of swelling...we chose to exclude the first day or two of her on this but you can definitely see her weight changing day by day.  As she neared having the surgery to correct the hole in her diaphragm, she thinned out quite a bit which was great.  And then, once surgery was completed, she began putting "liquid" weight on again, which was expected.  I've come to like that she changed back and forth because well, it's who she was and it was the changes she had over her little lifetime.  I thought she was beautiful each and every day.  I certainly don't fear death so much when I know I'll be with her again!
I'd like to add that the pics that are black and white and the lighter toned still pictures are from the organization .."now I lay me down to rest".  If you are ever, God forbid, in this situation...choose to have them take the pictures.  We almost didn't do it and now, I am glad that we did.  .....Also, quite a bit of the pictures are taking with our phones so the quality isn't there but once again, we cherish each picture.