Sunday, November 22, 2009

a Gift?

Hey baby girl.  I miss you to the moon and back a gazillion times.  It hasn't been quite 3 months and well, there are moments that it seems like you just left this world.  ....I don't know what I thought, but I did think not having you in my arms wouldn't feel as intense today as it did.  Wow, your mommy is loopy because it does.  It hurts and I dream of you constantly.  ..........We sort of ignored Halloween this year.  It was too much.  How could we look at all the cuties and not see you in them.  ....not to worry, Tristan was not neglected and at 14 had a blast getting dressed up with a friend and handing out candy at his house.  .....I haven't really been looking forward to these next few holidays.  These are times of family and we seem so incomplete without you.  ....Heck, I've tried to fill the void of you not being here through shopping, crafting, ignoring CDH communities and even making some bling for other babies.  Even though one or two of these little "habits" may be good, a few are not so healthy.  I think that I have moments of intense sadness because I don't truly face that you are not here.  Sounds crazy but really, if I stay too busy to think, then ......well, I can't stay busy all of the time.  ......I do want you to know that I have good times too.  Not tons but I have laughed and smiled and been really happy for others.............I miss you...........I love you.   ..........Your daddy and I have been talking alot about another baby.  It's such a bittersweet conversation.  You can not be replaced. can not be replaced, I'm 36 (old in ovary years) and well, I want a baby and part of me can't get past just wanting you.   .......We had a memorial service for you the day after our 5th wedding anniversary.  .....It took us 5 years to finally have you ...and only 11 days to have lost you.....We went through tests to see if something was wrong with me, if something was wrong with your sweet Daddy and all the doctors said we were fine.  We went through several drugs, invasive testing, iui's, and months and months of taking temperatures and checking ovulation dates, we got sick of each other and then we'd be convinced that to forget about it would bring us our dreamed baby.  Well, finally we take a drug that works for us and you become our world. ...........Tristan was excited, your Daddy was hooked , I was so excited about life in general...and honestly, all that knew about you felt the same.  ...........You were our long awaited gift.  You still are.  ......and I grieve.  I hurt.  and I function somehow, smile somehow, feel that I am mental at times, and feel that life is going on at other times.  ...........We went to the doctor about 3 weeks ago.  We thought it was time to see when we could start trying for another baby and if we could use the same medicine that gave us you.  We were cleared to try and I was given the progesterone to start having normal cycles again.  ....I'd already had one cycle and your guess would be as good as mine when the next one would come without progesterone.  .....Well, the doctor wanted me on a 28 day cycle so I started the progesterone 2 weeks ago. period.  ......I took a test yesterday.  I never even took the fertility drugs and I am pregnant.   .....I ask you how?..............How is it that after years of trying ....I finally have you.....somehow continue to live without you here....and then out of nowhere get pregnant like that?  .........I cried.  I smiled a bit because there is a life in me.  ...........and then I cried some more.  I told Mikey, your dad, that I wondered if your spirit just couldn't take the body you were given and that you were just coming back with a new one.  ..........He didn't laugh at me but did say that he didn't realize that I was a Buddhist.  ............well, I'm just not feeling very sane.  I was happy one minute (even though the tears won't stop) and then I would just feel numb.  .......I have a life in me....Again.  ..........I wanted this and don't know how to feel.'s too soon and yet, I'm not young and I want this and I want you and I just wish God would send me a personal letter....not a Bible....I need a letter specifically detailed with some answers please.   .........I could not sleep very well.  I didn't want to take the ambien until I researched if it wouldn't hurt this baby. .........I dreamed of you and just missed you so much last night.  ......oh, and I felt guilty.  ......I have been on an emotional roller coaster for too long now and it doesn't seem to be getting much better.  Well, after a hockey game last night, the truck was cold so I turned the heat on as soon as your dad started her up.  ...lo and behold, he turns it off.  ....this wouldn't do, so I turned it back on and a little higher with "a bit of a speech".  ........Mikey gives me a speech back as he turns the heat off again saying to "wait 5 minutes".  ..........I went ballistic.   Tristan is in the back having had a very good evening and I am going off about being cold and leaving the heat on.  ........I have now gotten so worked up that Mikey has given up, Tristan is trying to excuse us both and I'm just in a flat out "mood" and silence has ensued.  5 minutes pass, we stop for burgers, Mikey tries to apologize and I proceed to present my case of why turning the heat on immediately will warm the truck faster, Mikey proceeds to give his case and now, I'm just ticked and done for the night.  He tries to apologize, Tristan sticks up for him and for me again...I'm now just mean and selfish and want silence.  Tristan falls asleep driving home, I keep my silent vigilance, and I'm sure Mikey is dumbfounded.  .........We get home, I tell Tristan good night.  I, at least, apologize to Tristan.  I go to bed and fall asleep without a word to Mikey.  I'm up at 3am.  At 4, I wake up Mikey jsut long enough to apologize.  He's nicer than me and says he loves me and it's okay.  ........I know that it was not okay and say so.  ..........He has to go to work in the morning so I shut my mouth so he can go back to sleep.  ............I continue to just lay there, feel tired, and think.  ..........Thinking is not my friend because I feel that I am a mental case.  Seriously.  .........and then, I think "who the hell wouldn't be a mental case right now?".     .................Ireland.  I miss you.  You were my most special gift and now I seem to have another and am not sure how to handle it.  .........for now, I'll wake up tomorrow and make an appointment with my doctor.  We've told Tristan and he just hopes that this baby doesn't have what you did.  We reassure him that all should be fine.  .......God, I hope so.  .............Family has been called and well, I had several differing reactions.  ................I need to let friends know and well, I don't want to cry anymore., I cope with writing to you.  I still cry because I see your picture, your face and just want you and think I'll never understand. I still know how soft and wonderful you felt.  ...........I miss you and want you.  I am so glad that you are not suffering but you have a selfish mother that really wishes you were here.  I love you.  ........I don't know how to feel right now but know that I'll love this baby as much as I love you and as much as I love Tristan.