Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My effort to honor Ireland

Could I miss her more?  I don't think so.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of Ireland.  Some days I can smile and other days, not so much.  ......Life is somehow going on.  It seemed impossible but it does.  ..........I still have times that are rough and this past week was one of those times.  I had reconnected with a friend that I just love so dearly and of course, I had to let her know all that been going on in my life.  ....funny, I really felt the need to comfort her and her family whom I'd also lost contact with.  This was so hard on her for not being there and I really understand.  ......Well, in an effort to honor my precious Ireland, I am starting a blog or sort of mission.  I doubt this will be a blog where I post daily thoughts, it is simply a project.  I plan on eventually starting yet another blog to post my daily musings (so to speak)...how fancy, huh?...musings.  ....Anyway, I've started a blog at http://www.mybabysbling.blogspot.com/.  I plan on making little eye masks for NICU babies.  It seems that this was a new idea and I'm truly proud that I came up with this on my own.  I plan on making some for Primary Children's here in Salt Lake City but hope that this site will possibly grow into something more.  I'd love to see others make the masks as well and either send them to me or to their own local hospitals.  It is such a simple thing.   ....My aunt "Paby" gave me a shawl given by a group from her church when Ireland passed away.  It meant much more to me than I initially believed.  ...At the time, I simply thought it was a nice gift.  In the days that passed, it was a sort of life saver.  ...Basically, those that make these shawls pray as they're knitting to give the receiver of the shawl peace, comfort, the love and understanding they need once they receive it.  Well, I can not profess to being this ultra religious and sentimental guru....BUT, this shawl was truly comforting.  I had folded it over my headboard and when I couldn't sleep or the pain seemed unbearable, I'd feel this shawl or simply the fringe and it gave me some comfort knowing that I was loved, that Ireland was loved, that others cared so much and that God had a plan in all of this.  It comforted me knowing that Ireland wasn't simply gone...there was more.  ............I will not go on and on about all that this did for me and how incredibly grateful I am to this church and the countless others who prayed for my family and for Ireland.  Just know that this shawl worked magic and that I wish I had a gift for knitting, but I don't.  However, I can sew.  I am not an expert but I make things with love and I believe I have something to offer.  I figure that I can use the same concept of the shawl as when I make these eye masks because I do so pray that the baby that would wear it will heal and that the mother, father, and family will find comfort in knowing that they are not alone.  ........In addition to some comfort when I make these little eye masks with a prayer, NICU babies tend to need some darkness and new parents tend to love the thought of dressing up their little ones.
Well, wish me some luck.  I need to work on the site (in my limited blog knowledge) and also work on the little masks.  I'll also try to figure out how to upload a pattern for the eye masks (if nothing else, take an adult pattern and simply reduce it).  .........any suggestions are totally welcome.  I wanted to honor Ireland and wasn't sure if I should have been exclusive to CDH but figured in the long run, I'm trying to do something.  That has to be better than doing nothing.