Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Water broke?

Well about 345am Chanda felt like she had to go to the she got a cathader earlier around 830 or so..she called me in after a few min and she had blood in the toliet and I could hear fluid still coming... called the nurse in and they are going to do another sonagram to see if Ireland is still head down. Wasn't a ton of fluid and Chanda is full of fluid so not quite sure were we are. Waiting for the Doc to come back in a let us know what is going on..


  1. Thanks for the updates...I was just getting a bite to eat before work and had to get on and check on you guys. Guess I will have to wait till Josh gets up to see what's happening unless I can access this site at work. Still sending prayers your way. I was figuring they had given her the pitocin yesterday afternoon. Guess not but of course they know what they are doing. Much love to you all.

  2. Hang in there Brady!

  3. still praying for you and keeping up with the updates! THANKS for taking the time to update us. Love ya guys and thinking about you constantly...Love Aileen