Friday, August 21, 2009

Still looking good

Well little Ireland has been doin quite well. She started off with 16 syringe pumps of medicine and now is down to 8! She's peeing like crazy so kidneys are working fine.. Doc were worried about them because of the lack of O2 during birth but she's fine on that. Her blood pressure is doin great. Echocardiogram and head ultrasound's have all come back a ok. Tomorrow around 9 am she is due to come off the cooling of her blood. The will start to heat up her blood back to normal temps. Right now shes about 92-93 degree's. As far as the ECMO goes she is doin really good on it. They have taken her down to about 20% on it and her BP is still very strong. They talked to me this afternoon about if she keeps up the pace they are trying to take her off ECMO on Tuesday or Wednesday and depending on how she is holding up may do her surgery to put the intestines and stomach back down on one of those days also. Still keeping in mind that this is all best case seniouo and something could change but as we have learned from everyone else here on the blogs that have been in our place.. take the good when you can and that is what we are doin today... Thanks to all for the well wishes and prays and whatnot... Your comments are great encouragement to both of us everyday...


P.S. some more pics of "daddy's girl"!!


  1. LOVE today's pictures!!! And to see Tristan with his little sister...priceless. Sounds like your little girl is going to be one strong warrior. That is great her tests are coming back okay and she is peeing lots, so important she does that while on ECMO. That is great her ECMO weans are going good too. Stay strong Ireland and I hope you have a very good night!! Chanda and Mike, you have one darn cute family!!

    Praying for Ireland,

  2. That is so wonderful! What a great birthday present she has given her mommy today! She is one amazing little girl! Love, Bonnie

  3. Keep Fighting Ireland! We have you in our prayers. You are a warrior Princess

  4. We enjoyed spending a little time with you guys yesterday. Maybe next time we will have better timing and can see Ireland. So happy that she is doing well.