Friday, August 21, 2009

Running with the good news and happy birthday Chanda!!! xoxox

Its Mikey,

You all thought now that Chanda is back that I would just leave you all... well you can't get rid of me that easy people!!! I got some very much needed sleep last night thanks to my little girl having a much better afternoon and nite... We are on our way to the 930 get together with all the doc's and nurses, specialists etc... will post on the outcome later... thanks to all for the love and well wishes... Ireland says "THANKS"!!!!!!


  1. Glad to read that you got some sleep Mikey, for Ireland needs a strong and focused daddy!! Hope the rounds go good and you get some positive news and Ireland keeps on getting stronger. Happy Birthday Chanda!!!

    Fight Ireland Fight,

  2. Happy Birthday Chanda and thinking of you during rounds today!

  3. FYI Mike!!! We don't want to get rid of you! We think your great. Happy B-day to my wonderful friend of 15 years! can you believe that? 15 yrs!! I am glad you were born!!

    Love, Tree

  4. Happy BIrthday Chanda!!! Hope its a GREAT day. good to hear Ireland has had a good night. You're in our thoughts and prayers!!
    Jamie Phippen and Family

  5. Happy Birthday! You're in our family's thoughts and prayers. Ireland is just adorable! Keep fighting little one!
    The Morgan, Vig and Guy Families.
    Anne (Morgan) Vig

  6. It's Chanda's birthday! YAY! :-) Thinking of you guys and the little one!


  7. Happy Birthday Chanda! Praying for that little girl! Keep showing them your strength Ireland.