Saturday, August 8, 2009

Praying for Jackson and small update

For those in the CDH blog community, Shawn has updated the status of the Beal family. It looks as if the weekend will be a rough one. To the right, scroll down a bit, Jackson Beal has a link to his blog. Please send a thoughtful comment. I'm sure that they help. ...this is yet another baby that I've followed and I enjoyed a few email back and forth with his mom, Candice. They're a nice little family and it's just so hard to know the words to say when you have not walked in their shoes.
Just a quick update on me this morning, I hurt. The bruising (from inversion) is probably a little better but at 10 days to go before I'm induced, I'm finally knowing that it's time to settle down. I say I'm lazy and such, but like many of us, my laziness does include laundry, basic cleaning and constant something whether sewing (hobby) or going to the store, etc. Since the inversion, Mikey and Tristan have had to take over. They do pretty good, too. I still can't quite sit still for too long and do a few things but my stomach aches, walking causes cramping and such a feeling of heaviness and well, as much as I want Ireland here, I also know it's best to have her inside me for as long as possible for lung maturation.
I have an appointment Monday and will see if Ireland has flipped around but I'm feeling pretty sure that she's in a happy place with her bum still sitting on my cervix. It's okay. There is a level of acceptance and everyone has assured me that a c-section isn't too bad and I've gotten some pretty good advice here and there. If anything, I'm amazed how well my pregnancy has truly been. I've decided that I'll miss her squirming around in there. Mikey would love one more, and I would too really....but, who knows if this'll be my last. I'm not a young chickadee anymore and it took 5 years to get here! For those few that insist on letting me know how big I am currently, I know it's temporary and that my baby has had a pretty decent home in here. Hell, I've provided extra fluid and consider this air bags...granted, wish I could bring the fluid down but focusing on the positive of this.
Anywho, I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of this little one and praying for the other little babies that seem to take up so much space in my heart right now. Whether they're in utero, just born, finally home, currently living the dream or peacefully watching over us all...I somehow love these little ones and don't so much think about the why's of CDH right now but the fact that they have opened doors of love, prayer and compassion on so many levels to so many people.


  1. I started reading your blog a week or so ago. The way you right is so poetic and thoughtful. I hate that you have had to join this club of CDH moms, but as you've already figured out we take care of each other and are always available for questions, listening, whatever... Emily is my third child. She was born 1-22-08 with a LCDH by c-section. My other kids were vaginal so I wasn't thrilled with a c-sec, but the original plan was EXIT-to-Ecmo, so I got off easy. I was in the same hospital as Emily, so getting to see her was convenient. The drugs helped with the pain, but messed with my head. I was kind of in a fog, so I didn't visit Em nearly enough the first few days. I must have been experiencing a HUGE case of denial about her condition...Anyway, don't be afraid of the delivery plan. You both will be OK. My continued prayers for you and Ireland Rose.

  2. We are still praying for you & Ireland!

    Sarah, Mom to Noah RCDH

  3. Hope you have a good appointment tomorrow!! Do get plenty of rest, for you will need your strength in the weeks to come.