Monday, August 10, 2009

Last appt before Ireland's B-day

Well, I want to thank everyone for comments from my last post. It almost feels wrong to post personal desires of hope and just plain ole' opinions in the shadow of someone else's tragedy. I reconcile this by telling myself that life does continue on and that I know that my prayers for everyone else are so sincere. I have read comments from my blog and the other blogs and am continuously amazed by the support out there from those that have heavenly and earthly angels. (I used to not like this term of babies earning their wings until I read someone call their baby an earthly angel, Tracy M., maybe? made something, somewhere click for me...and for whatever reason, the angel thing is okay right now...for those that want to balk at me, it's just another opinion and we all know that opinions are like a--holes, and everyone's got blog, so I get to put it on here :) ) ......Also, thanks for continuing to think of us, personally. The advice and understanding from everyone is always so welcome. Often times, I read a comment and they hit my feelings on the nail...makes me wish they were my words. ...Prayers to you and all of your heavenly and earthly angels right this minute!

Anyway, today was the last appointment before my induction next Tuesday. I did not have my beloved Dr. Silver (due to his vacationing) but did have Dr. Denny (whom I called Dr. Denver during my post about inversion/flipping). Dr. Denny was just as awesome as my primary doc. I had a list of questions about c-section and what to expect. He answered everything, spent time with us and just eased worries. Don't we all wish all doctors can be this great?! ...anyway, Ireland did not flip for us. We figured as much and had already accepted that she'd be born by c-section. I'm not as worried about the whole scenario so much anymore. Also, I apparently have between 2 and 3 liters of extra fluid in there with little Ireland. Wow! Guess this means I'll be extra skinny once she's born, right?! She's maybe getting some extra safety cushioning?! ...I haven't really researched what all of the extra fluid means and don't want to fill your heads with bull ...But!, I think somewhere I remember reading that she's maybe not drinking the fluid or something like that...just don't really know here. I'll look it up at some point but really don't want to add some extra worry about something that I can not control. Dr. Denny agrees that Ireland is still best case scenario and I choose to stick with that thought.

Well, I know that baby Maximus Griffin is coming into the world today and pray that he'll have a quick time of his entire CDH battle and that their family can be home asap. Love and prayers to them right this minute!


  1. We just wanted to send you a message and let you know that we are praying for your family as Ireland gets ready to make her entrance into the CDH world.

    If there is anything we can do please let us know.

  2. Thinking of you and Irelands entrance into the world! ((Hugs)) Yes when you loose all that fluid you will be skinny again! :) (I had the same problem) Although I can't say I am skinny...

  3. Thinking of you and sending tons of positive thoughts and energy your way. Ireland, you keep fighting little girl and amaze your mommy, daddy, and big brother with your strength!! I look forward to hearing that your baby girl has arrived...and so want to see a picture of that little girl. Many prayers for you to Chanda that you have an easy recovery from the c-section. Nancy Roof was one of Ian's primary nurses and she is still there. If at anytime, you don't feel comfortable with one of your nurses, ask for Nancy...she will take care of Ireland! Without her, I don't know what I would have done.

    Hugs, Tracy

  4. We have you and Ireland in our prayers.

  5. I have not commented before on your blog, but I find your writing lovely and insightful. My daughter is a Right-sided CDH survivor. She is now 7 months old, at home, and thriving. I just read your beautiful entry about your hopes and fears and how you deal with it. I was exactly the same way-EXACTLY!!! I was obsessive with researching CDH once I found out about my baby's diagnosis, but I refused to read any story in which a baby passed away. I too was scared of CHERUBS and even the word angels. If I by accident got on an angel blog, I clicked off immediately. I would cling to the positive stories I found of survivors and looked for any bit of good information from my appointments to convince myself that Dakota was going to survive! She was born 7 weeks early, at the wrong hospital, breathed in meconium, and had to go on ECMO for three days due to an infection she caught in the womb, yet I never remained anything other than positive. I was sure, very sure, that she was going to come home with me! I explained each step to my family and told them how she was going to get through it ... and she did!!! I really believe in the power of positive thinking and more than that, thinking negatively won't make things any easier if the worst were to happen ... would anything make that easier???? Now I read all the angel pages to pray for the babies and their families, to honor them, and to remember how lucky I am and how blessed I am- so there will be a time for that later. So I say, prepare yourself for your beautiful baby to come home! It will be a great adventure and I know that Ireland will do wonderfully and will fight and weather any bumps she has! Good luck and congratulations on her upcoming birthday!

  6. Chanda, No worries about the extra fluid. It is caused by the baby not swallowing as much as a "normal" baby would due to the anatomy issues. It can also be caused by gestational diabetes if you are having any complications like that. I was told by my docs that there are no negative effects on the baby, it just makes you more uncomfortable. Of course, I am not a doctor, but this is what I was told during my pregnancy.

    And to agree with with Jennifer said, the power of positive thinking is tremendous. Believe in miracles - they happen every day. And EVERYTHING happens for a reason - no matter how unclear that reason seems. Looking forward to positive updates!

    :-) Patty

  7. Chanda! I was just thinking of you and your little Ireland! I pray that you will have an easy CDH journey, and all will be well. I can't wait to see the pic of her either. Make sure that you are going to take time for yourself through out all of this, and keep yourself healthy. She needs that strong mommy to make sure that she gets everything that she needs and more! Take care, and here's some cyber hugs from my clan over here in the North! Bobbi!