Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ireland Rose Brady has arrived!!!

In dramatic fashion she came... Chanda was in the bathroom and wanted the nurse and when the nurse came in she said Irelands heart rate was low.. so the doc's came in check her cervix and found the the umbilical cord was in her vagina.... so in a flash or blur to me.. they wisked her out of the room in for a emergency c section... I didnt get to go with her so I was a wreck... poor Tristan.. as soon has I heard umbilical cord I grabbed him and sent him out to the waiting room. They took Chanda out of the room in less then a min and I was left standing there going "What the F>>>>>!!!!! Well Chanda has finally came back into the room.. she doin as well has can be expected... We haven't gotten to much info on Ireland yet. From what I have heard she is struggling with her O2 level which we would have thought. Blood pressure seemed fine and she was kicking and trying to breath... I'm hoping to get a update from the NICU here at the U within the hour. I was told she has lots of brown hair... perfect round head and is beautiful... just like her mother of course!!!! Will update again once I find out more...


  1. Certianly sounds very nerve racking... I am prayingfor you all and believe you me there is POWER in prayer.. love you and thanks for the updates, i cant wait for the next one

  2. Thanks so much for the updates. My nerves are shot just thinking about how yours must be shot! Hang in there, what a little fighter you two have created!!



  3. Welcome to the world Ireland and congratulations Mike and Chanda!! Praying that everything is okay and they got that baby out quick enough. Fight Ireland Fight!! Prayers for Chanda, for going through labor and then a C-Section is hard and I hope she feels better soon. Hope one or both of you get to see your little girl very soon. Thank you for the updates....look forward to hearing how Ireland is doing.

    Much love to you, Tracy

  4. congrats guys! wow i can't believe you didn't get to go see Ireland once they took her to the NICU. I hope you get to see her might be better that you dnt see her while their working with her...Rob got to watch it all and i think it might have made it harder on him.......but he fell in love right away! It sounds like she's doing great, because trust me if she wasn't they would let you know......lots of prayers for you and your family and of course sweet Ireland

    love candice

  5. I found your blog from Nayeli's website and wanted to let you know there are lots of prayers and good thoughts coming your way! Congratulations on your new arrival!

    Lots of love,
    Chelsea & Robert

  6. YAY!! Congrats! So glad she finally made it! I'm so sorry you didn't get to be there for the delivery- :( Hopefully you will be able to see your daughter soon.

    We are praying for you and your new daughter Ireland!

    Congrats again!!

  7. Never a dull moment with you guys!! I have been waiting for an update and can't wait to see pics. Praying for you all!!

  8. Congradulations Brady Family! Welcome to the world Ireland. She sounds beautiful our prayers are with you all.

    Love Monica

  9. Welcome Ireland! Thinking of your family!