Thursday, August 6, 2009

Inversion = flipping baby....or not

Well, the inversion/flipping of Ireland was not successful. After a stay from 630am to nearly 5pm, and alot of uncomfortable pushing, Ireland never budged. It didn't even phase her. Her heart beat remained the same throughout. ....meanwhile, I apparently channelled my inner sailor as I was pushed in a not so friendly way.
Just for education's sake, I'll let you know that the actual procedure did not take long. There were truly 3 tries and from hands on the belly to off cumulatively was no more than 15 minutes. (At this point you can stop reading unless you want the details)

I had a quick ultrasound first thing in the morning to see if her head was still up and of course, I was not getting off that easy. From there, various doctors come to check out the fat chick in the hospital gown, repeating what's going to happen, having me sign a few papers, and repeating one too many times what'll happen in the event of an emergency...basically, c-section that day which I let them know was not acceptable...I had laundry at home, no camera and was not packed at all. I had two great nurses...Brittany and Sarah. I was given an IV first thing in the morning, just in case it would be needed later (along with the typical monitoring of fetal heartbeat and contractions). Of course, my fat hand jumped when first feeling pain of a needle, causing the needle to go through the vein. Ouch. On to the next hand. IV was placed more on my wrist due to hard to see veins of said hand. Well, apparently the full moon got all of the Salt Lake preggos in a state because my planned inversion would have to wait for several unscheduled but necessary c-sections. The docs and nurses let me know that because little Ireland would have special needs if an emergency c-section were needed with us that it was in our best interest to wait for the inversion....they didn't want to have the operating room being used when it was possible that I'd need it. How thoughtful and understandable, yet once again, I nodded, smiled and said let's not forget I've got some serious laundry at home so please stop saying these things.
Well, after several hours of nothingness, they felt I should get a drip bag since I hadn't eaten in FOREVER!!! Mmmm, Mmmm...nothing like saline solution in your arm to satisfy!!!
About an hour or so after this, little Mrs. Muffet and her hubby arrived in the bed next to mine. I (inwardly) hated this just because who doesn't want their privacy. The nurse said that she hasn't remembered in forever when they were so busy that they had to have a shared room. ....anyway, Mrs. Muffet (surely not real name but totally appropriate) was like 12...okay, she was recently 21. She was also there for this inversion because she was "just positive" that the baby's head was now up. Mrs. Muffet and I didn't talk at all but were separated by some thin curtain where I obviously listened to see why she was there...I'd been in the hospital forever, I was entitled to listen. ....Well, Mrs. Muffet was very dramatic. She was sure that she'd felt her baby flip and that she was definitely ready for birth now. Please input whiny voice here...surely you can picture her. She had a slight whining every 10 or so minutes and before you think I'm just not nice here, her fetal monitors showed up on our computer as well...she was fine. .....Well, jump another hour or so when the good doctors (minus my beloved, vacationing Dr. Silver) came in ready for my inversion. There were 3 doctors, Nurse Sarah, an ultrasound machine, hubby and me in a curtained off area in this room. The ultrasound once again showed that Ireland was happily playing head up, bum down. Well, the head doc, Dr. Denver, decided that one doc would push the bum up while the other doc monitored the head through ultrasound while also pushing the head...all of this in a clockwise motion. About 2 secs before the pushing began, he reminded Sarah to give me some good drugs. Whatever I took, it was some fast working stuff! Well, the extra doc must have been on standby for emergency. ...alas, one, two, three, push..........OH MY GOD!!! They were pushing deeply down and in their clockwise motion though it sort of seemed that they were just poking deeply with a slight push that was not moving. I don't even think I can fully describe this...I do know that I was trying to be kind enough to not scare Mrs. Muffet at the next bed over (see, some compassion) but having sort of lifted my hips off of the bed because it was truly that painful. They stopped and Dr. Denver told Nurse Sarah to give me more meds. I asked if I could just breathe a bit before they tried again. The docs discussed how she hadn't budged and let me know that I had such a large amount of fluid that it was actually making the inversion much more difficult because they could not get a good "grip" on her. Mikey later let me know that for as deep as their fingers were going, it seemed like a ton of fluid between where you could see (on the ultrasound) their fingers pushing and her actual head. The bum protrudes so the doctor could feel himself pushing that.........Round 2. The docs began again for several minutes when at this point I did stay somewhat quiet but this is when I began to channel my inner sailor and actually even said that I hoped I wasn't offending anyone (see, I can be polite too). Well, round 2 did not work, once again she didn't budge. They monitored her heartbeat for a minute and noticed that she really had no change at all. She was just snug as a bug. The 2 docs doing the actual inversion traded places and asked if I'd like to give it one more try because it could happen and this was best for us. Of course, we were there and had waited all day. I can't say I "wanted" to do this again but I knew we had to try. Round 3. This time the pain was blinding. Doctor Denver saw that absolutely nothing was progressing and it was time to stop. He discussed a c-section and let me know that he'd schedule the operating room for the 18th so that I could go ahead somewhat with Dr. Silver's original plans. I let him know that I was scheduled to see the midwife on the following Monday and we figured we'd check then to see if Ireland decided to go head down but he felt certain that at this point she wouldn't move.
Oh well, Ireland and I had to be monitored for the next hour to make sure nothing major happened before I could go home. Nurse Sarah brought us a sandwich and sprite. We got comfy enough to pass this hour and leave.
Meanwhile, there was whispering going on at Mrs. Muffet's side of the room and a few docs started coming and going on her side. I'll just say at this point that Mrs. Muffet really wanted to be pitiful and to have her baby that day. ...well, not much longer we see the docs with the ultrasound machine and Mrs. Muffet is about to have her inversion. They start the preliminary ultrasound, and sure enough, her baby is fine. The baby is happily head down. Yes, they're sure she's in pain but her contractions are not bad at all and quite normal for where she's at in her pregnancy. Give it some time Mrs. Muffet. No, they will not induce her at this time because it's not time and there is no need.....Poor Mrs. Muffett. She signed some papers and they were sent home.
We were still there. Felt groggy, bruised and hungry. Felt they must of forgotten us. Eventually, we too were sent home.
Well, today, I'm just weary and definitely bruised. My belly is not so much purple as very red and the veins are very visible where the pushing took place. My tummy actually feels tighter as if Ireland somehow magically produced more fluid. Hard to explain this and it may all be in my head as far as feeling tighter....just know the bruising part is very real. I feel I have a somewhat decent tolerance for pain and yet, this really hurts. It hurts when Ireland hits it and when I even touch it lightly.
Anywho, guess I'll be having a c-section. I know this is routine and fairly safe nowadays but I fear it just the same. Mainly, because I am ignorant to all that it entails...before, during and afterwards. I've always skipped over any reading on this because I didn't think it applied to me. I figure I'll read up on it here, I'm wondering if this changes the clothes I'll want to pack that first week at the hospital....suggestions welcomed.

p.s. totally don't mean to offend young mothers with my account of Mrs. Muffet...I was 21 (almost 22) when I had my son.....but seriously, she was a great distraction


  1. I have had 2 c-sections, with my last two boys. Ian was a necessary emergency and I elected to have Shane by C-Section. Make sure you just pack the most comfy clothes possible...something roomy and easy to get around in. As soon as your up to it, walking is a must, for it will help strengthen those muscles again. Plus, don't overdo it the first two weeks, for you will regret it. I pushed myself way too soon after Ian was born and paid for it. Anytime you want to go see Ireland, they will take you over by wheelchair to Primary's. Ask for the comfy rocking chairs to sit in by her bedside...the nurses are pretty good about making sure mom is taken care of too. However, praying Ireland flips on her own and a c-section is not necessary. That entire procedure sounded like a nightmare and hope you feel better soon.


  2. Oh sweetie. I pray you don't have to have a c-section. However, I too, have had 2. My first one was a lot better than with these twins that I just had. I would take Tracy's advice, and don't over do it afterwards. Make yourself as comfy as possible. Stay strong and we will continue to watch for updates. Thinking of you and praying hard!!!


  3. Ahhh Chanda! I love reading your blog! You seriously need to write a book. Such discriptive language. I could imagine myself in the bed and being you. The feeling, and raw emotion! Please don't think for a moment that I'm joking in saying these things. Because I'm NOT! I look forward to continuing to read along the way when Ireland is here, and she can chug along all the way home! Maybe it's easier for me to put myself in ur shoes, because I'm feeling just as huge as you describe right now! I'm only 30 weeks! Oi, I'm in trouble! Keep on smiling, you are an amazing woman, and mother!

  4. Hi Chanda,
    Lol, your blog really made me laugh. Alina was turned from head up to head down before she had the balloon taken out. The Dr. tried turning hear back again but she wouldn't budge. She was sound asleep- even snoring I guess whilst I was huffing and puffing on the table. Haha, those are funny stories to tell later on ;0).
    I had a C-section as well. It's not scary, actually, having had the first batch of contractions- which really hurt ( I was 7cm dilated by the time I had the op) I am happy I had it. The only thing is that you won't be able to move for about 12 hours afterwards so make sure your hubby can go and see Ireland and ask for regular updates from the nurses. Like Tracy said, pack a lot of comfy clothes. What they don't say about C-sections is that it hurts afterwards. It's not the op but the beading they insert at the end of the stitching to make sure it doesn't come undone. So I ended up walking like an 80-year old lady for 5 days...hey, nothing like getting a glimpse of what's to come ;0).
    You are doing great and love the description of Mrs Muffet.
    Hugs from the UK.