Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friends and Family

Sometimes, I open this little computer that we keep stationed in my room, and even I get excited. I had no idea Mikey posted last night and am so glad that he keeps all of the technical stuff updated for everyone. ...Isn't she adorable? She's still quite a bit bloated but it's such an improvement than what it was! ...Poor Tristan, doesn't that picture just tell you how tired he is?

I wanted to say thank you for all the prayers. I can say with utmost certainty that I have never in my life talked to God as I have in these past few days. And I dare say, I'm pretty sure he hears about Ireland throughout the day from everyone. Funny how this little one has really brought back my faith. How can she not? ...I can not stress enough how much each and every prayer must be helping her. She is doing unheard of improvements in a very short amount of time. Because of the asphyxia and CDH, she has every excuse to be pitiful and instead....she is just amazing.

I want to thank my family. Immediate, extended, the churches reaching out from the past and present (last count of just my Doss family, 5 churches). Thank you. For my immediate family(parents), Mama, Daddy, Mike and Tammy, Donna, Papa Broad and Reg.....I love you all soooo much. I know that we, unintentionally, hurt you by wanting this time alone to bring Ireland into this world. I know it's just as hard for you guys as it has been for us...maybe harder at times because we can see her and atleast touch her. ...I've wanted each of you here at times, who doesn't want a grandparent oohing and aahing over the prettiest little one ever? I've really wanted my mom here because I guess, something about me having a daughter has wanted me to be closer to her (my mom). I would of loved to see Mikey have his parental support...he's been a rock for us and I am certain that he could of been comforted in ways that I couldn't have provided, especially during those initial hours. I pray that all of you have slowly realized why we made the decisions that we did. .....I would have wanted to visit and look my best and spend time with each of you (what I've needed is rest). We would of struggled on who can see Ireland at which time (only 2 at her side at any given point). We would of wanted to provide you each with the best of accommodations and constantly lent you a hand on directions in the city, where best to grab a bite, where to get a quick rest in the hospital and soooo much more. We probably would of been harder on Tristan because the parents in us would of wanted him to look his best and act the man, when he's been just fine playing too many games this week or watching too much television. ....there are a gazillion reasons that (with each of you living so far from us) we felt this was best. goes on and unfortunately, at this time, our living thousands of miles from each of you makes it to where we have had to make these hard decisions. ...I'll be discharged from the hospital on Sunday and sometime that afternoon we'll be leaving Ireland at Primary's while we go home and figure out how to make a routine. It will most likely be one of the hardest things we ever do. ...BUT, I'd imagine that a comfortable "life" routine that includes some level of normalcy will return and it will be so much easier on us to have everyone visit at various times. ....believe it or not, the terms "so much easier on us" feels selfish to say or write "out loud", but Ireland needs for us to be this way right now. We are grasping in the dark with our entire world at times. ......I am rambling. Sorry. ...I'm just doing my best to convey that I know that this journey is as hard on each of you as it is on us and that deep down, it would be awesome if you lived across the street and could be with us each day. That is just not the reality of our lives. ...I can't wait to see each of you when the time is right and you can visit. Unfortunately, with all that we post of Ireland's continuing improvements, she will be here for a long time. And with that, I really don't know what else to say. I love you all. Thank you for helping us and praying and really, being there for us at any given moment. ...In a month or two, when many have not necessarily forgotten us but they've seen that we're dealing with this just fine, they may forget what we need or for lack of me finding the right words, their lives will adjust and they will have to focus less on us and more on themselves....I have no doubt that during those times, each of you will still have us "front and center". more. I love our parents. I can't wait to see each of you and for Ireland to be held and kissed by each of you.

I meant to simply post a thank you to family and friends. Your prayers are working. It shouldn't "amaze" me to see this happening, but it does. It's truly, corny as it sounds, AMAZING. Her improvements are recordable from one visit to the next. The miracles within her are visible. Hour by hour, tubes are removed, medications are already being weaned off. AMAZING!!!

Anywho, back to thanking everyone!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
...I had a perfect birthday. I've never had so many well wishes in my life.

We also had our first visitors. They couldn't visit Ireland due to the hours, but we loved seeing Meredith, Josh and the girls. More than anything, it was awesome to have the girls making each of us laugh and smile. .......And Jeannie and the kids came....Jeannie doesn't count as first visitor because she has become my Samoan sister, I can't wait for my parents to meet her :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Praying for a good and strong weekend for your Ireland!! Ireland is amazing and is already fighting like crazy to overcome her hurdles and hoping she continues to do so. Completely understand how hard it is in dealing with family at this very difficult time, but they do understand. Sending tons of positive thoughts and energy your way!!

    Hugs, Tracy

  2. I know that Ms. Ireland is going to do just fine, you shouldn't even worry about thanking people now, we all know how tough it is on you guys. Just worry about getting her home, so then we can come visit and spoil her some more.I periodiclly stop through out the day to pray and send good vibes your way. Can't wait to meet her.

  3. Aww Chanda I love that you are so wonderful with words. Of all the times in the world to be "selfish" this is the time. I think those that are close to you and love you want you to be able to be as externally care free as possible. I can't wait to plan our visit I am hoping in the beginning of December or beginning of Jan but we can figure that out later. Please let me know if you need anything. I just can't wait to see Ireland change and grow. It is wonderful to see her fighting her condition and coming out on top!!

    Love, Tree