Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Flipping Ireland!!!

Today was another ultrasound and truly my last appointment with Dr. Silver because he's going on vacation for the rest of this week and all of next week. Go figure with my induction date scheduled and ready to go when the good doctor gets back, Ireland decides to throw us all for a loop! Literally! This precious baby has been head down the entire pregnancy, making cute little faces and basically letting us know that the CDH will just be a little road block. Well, lo and behold, she has flipped head up with her bum covering my cervix. And because I've been so low the entire pregnancy, something about her bum being down has made it to where the ultrasound tech couldn't even check out my cervix. ....Point here, at 6:30am, I'll be back at the UofU so that some doctor (not MY doctor) can flip Ireland back to head down. Apparently, I will be given something to make me nice and relaxed while this guy and maybe some of his nurse buddies push on me and Ireland until she cooperates. Good ole' Dr. Silver says this will be "uncomfortable". I tend to hate that word because seriously, when has a doctor said uncomfortable and it just not hurt like crazy?! ...We discussed C-section but because I'd really like for Ireland to stay put until the 18th (optimum time for further lung growth) and I'd also like to recover ASAP, flipping her is the best option and he said the sooner the better. Mikey and I are pretty much thinking they want her head down asap so that she can relax and get comfortable before her debut in the next two weeks. ...Of course, I'll be monitored the entire time and Dr. Silver says this works 70% of the time. If anything were to go crazy wrong, I'd simply have a C-section.
Anywho, somehow still feel more positive than I have in awhile and somehow find her flipping around sort of funny. Feel she's just letting us know that she'll be in control (afterall, Ireland is not just a country but one named from the Goddess of Eyre who was goddess of sovereignty...law of the land, so to speak).
Well, please pray for no pain for me and lots of flipping gain for Ireland!


  1. Lots of prayers for no pain for you and Ireland flips quickly for you!! Stay put Ireland until the 18th!!

    Hugs, Tracy

  2. Flip, baby, Flip....and stay put for two more weeks=) Thinking of you guys and know the anxiousness, excitement and anxiety you are feeling....