Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chanda and Ireland first hand hold

So far today is going really well. We spent the morning with Ireland and getting all the latest updates and plans for her. She is doing really well. They are just trying to get all the fluid off her now to prep her for getting off of ECMO. Right now they are hoping to take her off ECMO on monday or tuesday!! If that goes well surgery on thursday or friday to repair the CDH. Lots of positive thoughts and well wishes is so great and we thank you all so much!! It's just be on belief that people from all over the country and the world for that matter has been following our little girl and are riding the same emotions that we feel day after day. In a perfect world we would all care and love each other no matter what is going on, but for now it is just so great that we have the support of soooo many people that we have never meet. Thanks to all and I hope that our little girl's story/journey will continue to help other who are going to go down our path or even heal those who have already been were we are.... HUGS TO ALL!!!!!


  1. Hey there! Isn't it amazing how many people love and care for you; you know it but it's overwhelming when they truly come through for you in tough times. That's something we were blown away by, all the prayer and love.

    So glad little miss is doing well after a tough birth...getting off ecmo pretty fast too! hooray!

    Good luck going forward!

  2. Glad to hear that Ireland Rose is doing well. We are keeping her in our prayers and hoping that she will continue to improve.
    Hugs from the UK.

  3. Praying for Ireland Rose from Kansas!

  4. Hoping everything continues to go well for little Miss Ireland Rose! We are praying for her! I have to agree the support of the whole CDH network of families is amazing! We will be following down your path in a little over a month- thanks for allowing us to have hope through your story!

  5. Hi Chanda! I just started to catch up now on everything! Kenny came early, and I too was in the hospital until today! Ireland is so beautiful! Congrat's!! I can't wait to see more pic's and read of the progress that she is making! I hope that you are feeling well and if you need to chat you can send me an email! I know how busy you can be with all of this so no hard feelings as well if you don't! *hugs*

  6. These first hand hold pictures are so sweet! I almost had tears! Loving the continued good news as well.

    Christy Gilman