Saturday, August 29, 2009

Being corny/sentimental

I have not been very good at posting on this blog lately. I've been tired and am constantly feeling a nervous wreck. Today we climb that mountain of permanently getting off ECMO (her life suppport/safety net). I'm scared and excited for her to be done with it. I really pray that we're not asking too much, too soon. If nothing else, Ireland has proved to be one hell of a fighter. She is amazing to me.....One of us will post once we know how well she did. Her trial went well last night with them just having to turn up the ventilator. Imagine that once she is off this ECMO that it'll do wonders because she won't be on all those nasty blood thinners anymore. .....Also, so unlike me to have such a small post :), but I just wanted to say that I'm so thankful to have a hubby like Mikey. He keeps everyone informed and has just been awesome to me throughout all of this, I'm going to hate when he goes back to work. He has been what I need on a daily basis and I'm just really lucky to have him. And then, I want to say that Tristan has been great too. He finally showed some major emotion last night and it was time. It's hard for a young teen to understand all of this and he's just ready for Ireland to come home. ....I love all of my family but this little immediate family of mine, Mikey, Tristan and Ireland...well, I'd give them the world on a platter.


  1. what a sweet post. I pray that she does just fine off of ecmo.....lots of love

  2. We'll be waiting to hear how she does off ecmo. wish I had a bunch of leave to donate to Mike so he didn't have to go back to work until Ireland was home. Our prayers and love to you all.
    Love, The Hands

  3. Praying for Ireland...she is going to keep on amazing you with her strength and fiesty spirit!!! Hope she does very well off of ECMO, for the trial off from last night sounded like it went well, very excited for you all. That is so wonderful you have such a great hubby and a wonderful son. They care so much about you and Ireland. Look forward to hearing how today went.

    Good and stable day Ireland!!! Tracy