Friday, August 14, 2009

4 more days!!!

Wanted to just say that I've been busy channeling all the positive energy that I can muster. Thinking that God is totally with me here. My anxious feelings have been sort of dissipating and the excitement has returned., I haven't quite joined la-la-land with no fear but I believe that worry gets me nowhere (remind me of this in 4 days, please!).

4 days!!! Wonder what she'll look like. I dream of a little girl following her daddy in our garden (obviously a dream because ours is sort of lacking this year) but can only see her from behind. Pretty cool to see her though. Totally think this is a good thing!

I've started to bring people in again and not distance myself so much. I don't ignore the phone ringing right now and have actually felt good about the fact that my mom seems to be calling every few days just to check on me. I have really been wanting this week to fly by and it really has. I felt that I slept most of Monday and Tuesday away. And recently, just want to make sure we're getting done what needs to be done.

I packed Ireland's bag. Granted, it's probably too much and just packed things that I wanted her to have. I have a bear that has the heartbeat sound, the angel blanket from my mom and dad, Tristan wants her to have the dog he slept with, a few books, lotion for my hands being constantly washed and probably very dry, a few homemade blankies, a few things acquired with her name on it and the ladybug theme from home, probably too many outfits that I know she won't be allowed to wear (just being optimistic), her little eye masks that I made, tons of socks, hats and mittens.........hmm, no diapers or wipes or practical things like that even though I did pack a bit of toiletries (just in case...soaps, brush, nail clippers...things I'm sure we won't need but to be prepared).

I have not packed my bag, or made a list for Mikey or Tristan. I did, however, wash all laundry and Lucky (our dog) got his world turned upside down this week by having the surgery/snip-snip/yes-they're-gone, done...we heard this would be a good thing to have done, plus we figure it's socially responsible. ...We should have just enough milk to last us until Monday....Tristan has his schedule for school and his locker has been found and he can open it....We have a hotel booked until Sunday of next week (T's school starts then and we'll do our best to commute at this time)....we have a dog sitter (God bless the Sanders family!!!)....we have a Visa card to purchase meals for the week and probably sustain us with gas for a bit (thanks to Mikey's old shop!!! and friends and family, too!!!)....I have read the literature to keep me positive and have packed my "blue day book" that can always make me (or anyone with a heartbeat and love for animals) smile....the ipod is loaded...i dug up some old VHS movies (no disc player) for my hospital stay and for Tristan's wait while I have the c-section....I've purchased nursing pads, sanitary pads and writing pads.......we're essentially set to go!

We just need to pack our bags. And take the trash out. And ask someone to get our mail. And take the probable spoils out of the fridge. And change the litter box (Mikey's job). And make sure the cats have plenty of food and someone to come say hello to them once or twice. And get those books I promised Tristan. And charge the camera..........okay, we're not totally ready but we will be.

4 days!! Glad to be excited. Trust my doctors and Trust Ireland's doctors. Think the nurses we've met have been great, the social workers are totally there for us when we need them, and well, we just need to enjoy this weekend and make Monday exhausting so that we'll be able to sleep that night. .....I'm sure Tuesday will be here before we know it!!!


  1. 4 days and your beautiful and STRONG little girl will be here!! It sounds like you have Ireland's bag packed and what you put in there is just perfect. I have faith in your doctors and nurses too...they took great care of Ian and they will take care of Ireland too. Stay strong for Ireland and take care of yourself too, so you don't get run down. Many prayers for Ireland and your entire family in the weeks to come. Tell that little girl to hang on and keep fighting and to amaze her mommy and daddy. She is going to be beautiful, a perfect mix of you and your hubby. Look forward to hearing the news she has arrived, she is stable, fighting and ready to win this battle. Much love to you!!

    Hugs, Tracy

  2. We are praying for you and baby Ireland BIG TIME!!!

    If you have any questions, medical or not please, please don't hesitate to ask. We're here if you need anything.

    We think of you daily and can't wait to see your beautiful baby girl kicking CDH butt!!

    Love Beth (Mum to CDH baby James) xxx

  3. oh i will be praying for you. I pray that God has plans for your little girl here on earth and not in heaven, so soon anyways......We had 10days with Jackson as you know and it was wonderful and he was just sooo perfect.....but i wouldn't ever want that for any1 else ever! So I will pray so hard for you and your little girl.......may God be with you and your family........if you ever need to talk i'm just a phone call away......

  4. Reading your post about packing Ireland's bags takes me right back to the days before I did the same for Jaxson. I was so unsure of what to bring or not bring. I wanted to be prepared, but didn't want to show up with a suitcase full of stuff that I couldn't use. I settled for two rubbermaid containers that held books, cd's, cd player, socks, booties, hats, onesies with snaps up the front, a visitor's book for family and friends to sign and write a story and a journal for me to track every day.

    Take in the next few days because they may go quickly and this is the best time to connect with Ireland before she's here. I was surrounded by family in the few days before delivering and I would steal away into my room or take a walk to be alone with Jaxson. It was our time together and I cherish it still!

    I read a comment on your earlier post from Shawn Studdard about his competitive and positive approach to this all and I couldn't agree more. Positive thinking is powerful. Prayer is powerful too and that's what I'll be sending your way in the next few days.


  5. Thinking of you! Something I didnt know is that you can wear your own clothes in the hospital- not that gown that is so flattering.

    Ireland is taking all your positive vibes and gearing up to kick butt!

    Can't wait to see her cute little face, and hear how she is doing!


  6. 3 more day! You are going to have such a good time! It is seriously going to fly by!

    Claire and I are praying SO HARD for your and your family during this time. God totally has everything in control and there is nothing that we can do without Him. Rely on that and you guys will be great. :)

    Hope to hear updates from you soon!

  7. It's hard to believe that it's time for Ireland to make her grand entrance into this crazy world of CDH. We are keeping her and the rest of your family in our thoughts and prayers!

    Claire and Jordan give some great advice! Trust in Him..... He will see you through always!!!

    We are here if you need anything!

  8. Hello my name is Bethany mother to Brody LCDH. I just wanted to say that I am praying for you guys. She will be very strong with the Irish blood in her. My moms maiden name is Brady.