Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yesterday's Shower

I really had an amazing shower. Most of my family and friends are in VA, PA, and AZ. They're scattered in OH and WA and all over. It's summertime, so many of the friends I have here in UT just happen to be on vacation. And even then, my friend Jeannie, managed to throw me one hell of a shower. Friends even managed to take a few pics that were pretty dang decent of myself and for that alone, they carry an extra special place in my heart!!! ...Also, my husband's friends and old co-workers managed to bring me to tears because they sent a card and had collected some money (alot of money!!) to help us out with Ireland's expenses. How do I even begin to thank everyone. Of course, there is the obligatory thank you card but really, it somehow doesn't seem enough. ...and newest and great friend, Marnee, who had to work and miss the shower, dropped on by to give me a gift. Crazy girl! She lives in Brigham City (too far away) and went out of her way to do this for me. I really feel blessed for all those in my life. ...I even had family send cards that were not to be opened until the shower...awesome because I really did think of all of those that I wish could have been there.

Is this not the cutest cake ever??? I need to figure out how to preserve the little baby in the flower...we put it in the fridge for now and need to clean some icing off the bottom before somehow preserving it forever. any suggestions are welcome and needed!!!

I am actually printing this pic out...I didn't think it was too bad. Plus I love my "Mother-to-be" crown. Apparently, some didn't notice what it said.....did they think I just decided to wear one of the many tiaras that I had lying around? :) lol

This is my BFF, Jeannie (even if Marnee insists that she's her BFF). She threw me this awesome shower and I love her and all of her family. She manages to give me a family here in UT and honestly, everyone needs their own personal Jeannie.

This is my Mikey. I love him dearly and am so excited to have Ireland with him!!!

These were my shower peeps. They're all beautiful and managed to make me feel pretty dang special and really gave us a nice start for what Ireland needs.

All in all, think we all had a pretty good time. We had some fun games (one in particular reminded me to pick up a book of nursery rhymes because my knowledge was seriously lacking here!!), some great food, and I got a cool little booklet with advice from everyone.

Wanted to add thanks to all the daddy's that kept the kids for an afternoon. I know that my hubby and Jeannie's man went to Hooter's with our boys and apparently they're stocked with a lifetime of jokes for each of our 14 year olds. Story goes that when Mikey asked to get a picture of the boys with the waitress, they were pretty shy about the whole thing...Tristan apparently smiled and blushed with hands in pockets and Gavin (Jeannie's boy) tried to stand a foot away from the poor, I love that these man/child boys of ours aren't too girl crazy yet!!! ....they love to talk the talk but aren't quite ready to walk.


  1. :-) What a super cute cake and a nice shower. Ireland is one loved little girl. Continuing to pray for you guys.


  2. Looks like you were surrounded by awesome family and super nice baby shower!! I love the cake. The pictures are look very happy and I am glad you had a great day, for you and Ireland deserve the best. Praying for continued strength for Ireland and your family.


  3. I just found your blog through another CDH blog... I will begin praying for your little baby :) My son was a RCDH baby & is now 2 1/2. Best wishes!