Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ireland's daddy's turn!

Well first of all I have to send out lots of love to my beautiful wife. How she can get on here and get her true heart felt feeling out to "strangers" is a great testament to all of you that follow her blog. With that said, lots of hugs and well wishes to you all that have, are having, or have had a CDH baby. As the 18th of August gets closer I am getting the nerves if you will. I of course have the hope and dreams that she will be the little fighter I'm dreaming of and come through with flying colors. I've got so much else going on with my family at the same time that sometimes I feel guilty I'm not thinking of little Ireland more. I guess I just feel like she's alright inside and that I can save up all my worrying once she is out. Just my sister in Ohio isn't doin very well and the Dr's can't seem to find anything wrong with her. My grandfather just got out of the hospital with another big scare that isn't over. He really needs a surgery but isn't strong enough they think to make it threw. I thank my lucky stars Chanda is as strong as she seems and that when my downs r here she can get me through. Tristan has been great this whole time too.. well as good as a 14 year old can be in these Well that enough of my bs. I just really wanted to say I'm thinking about all of your babies and am sending as much extra love that I have your ways. Good night all...



  1. I love you babe. We'll get through all of this. Chanda

  2. Hey man, it is great to see you post! I know the nerves are building the anxiety can get overwhelming as the big day approaches. It sounds like the two of you do an amazing job of supporting each other which will be critical in the months to come. You have a great support system out here to help and if you ever need to chat, please drop me a note anytime.