Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby Jackson Beal

I had to post this because for some reason I can get on everyone's blog this morning but I keep getting kicked off of the Beal's site and just am hoping that they know I'm thinking of them. I read on Kamryn's site that things are not looking so hot for baby Jackson and I want them to know that they've got some deep prayers headed their way and that I ask everyone I know to think of them. ....If anyone would know the cause of why I'm continuing to get kicked off of their site, please let me know.


  1. I hope the Beal's read this as well, because I am also getting kicked off their site. Baby Jacksn is so in out thoughts and we are praying so hard for him.

    Thanks for using your site to alert them because it would be sad for them to miss all the love the CDH community has for them.

    Sincere love, hope and caring for all CDH families
    From Kamryn Hope's grandmother, Carol

  2. I really don't know what it is thats kicking yall off. So many people have told me that. I'm going to go on there right now and try to fix it once again. That really upsets me that people can't get on there or if they can they can't leave comments. The whole reason of having our blog was to update friends and family, and of course for all the support and prayers from people all over the world.....please let me know after i post my next blog if your able to get on......thank you for all the prayers.

    Love Candice