Thursday, June 4, 2009

Whistling Dixie/dreaming of comfy shoes

Well, I'm heading to "home"...aka, Virginia this weekend. Tristan safely boarded his plane to TX and now it's my turn.
I am normally really sad the day that Tristan leaves but this time I only shed a few tears. People can say what they will about having an only child but ya know, my baby had no problem yelling across a crowd "love ya mom". Pretty cool. He'll be home in a month and I sure hope that he has a good time at his dad's. We'll typically text too much and talk at least once a day...gotta love electronics.
Well, have packed and am ready for all of my family and a few friends to see the round version of me. This'll be a new one for everyone. I'm sort of dreading the day tomorrow. We have to get up around 4 to get ready and have me at the airport at the recommended 2 hours earlier than take off. I'm a sucker for that rule because I've felt that we've cut it close before and I would just keel over if I missed my flight at 7. Plus, figure I'll grab a muffin or something for a breakfast and then hopefully, I'll just sleep most of the flight to Chicago where I'll have a bit over a 2 1/2 hour layover and can grab a decent bite for lunch before taking off to Richmond. ....I've really been struggling with my shoe choice for tomorrow. I tend to walk around the house in these ugly butt, bright yellow crocs that are about a size too big and comfy as all get out! Now, I've been known to go to walmart in these things for the sake that the rest of me is presentable. I'd probably wear them all the way to Richmond except for I've got that voice in my head saying "what would Mama do" (think I explained this in an earlier blog about how some say the WWJD, well, I feel I've got most of his rules down pat but my mom can be another level!! :) )...anywho, point is, my parents are seeing me at nearly 30 weeks pregnant and I have not seen them for nearly a year and a half...surely the big, ugly, so comfy crocs are out. It is just such a shame. I wore the presentable, nice little leather mary jane looking shoes to take Tristan to the airport, had them on for maybe 5 hours or so and came home with dents across my feet and my legs looking as if I shot them up with a saline solution. They truly didn't feel tight but let's face it...I have been living a pretty leisurely life style lately. Even the days that I work, I wear a size bigger boot and am rarely working more than a few hours at an actual job site and the rest is done at home on the computer. .....anywho, pray for my feet tomorrow. my flight too. and that Tristan is enjoying his stay with his dad. throw in one for Mikey too because he's going to miss us and he deserves a nice weekend.
Also, real quick, just got my first major baby gift yesterday from Ireland's auntie Donna in Colorado......way cool clothes. Cool socks, too. and bibs!!! My baby is already cool is that?!


  1. All I have to say Chanda! Is GO with the CROCKS!!! I do it When I was pregnant with Kristen I tried to go out with these nice boots on...well we no sooner pulled out of the driveway that i had them off and told my hubby we had to stop somewhere! My feet killed!!!

    30 Weeks! Wow does time ever fly quickly! I hope you're resting and nesting and relaxing the best you can!

  2. I wore the same flip flops the entire I was prego. As long as your feet are comfy, who cares. My feet looked like Fiona from Shrek. Get plenty of rest and get lots of foot massages.
    Have you in our prayers