Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Such a lazy blogger

Hi All!...I've been staying busy. I had a friend tell me at our bbq saturday that she worries when I don't write so I'm going to try to be better or atleast write a few times a week. Life with Ireland in tummy isn't such a ball of stress for me anymore because her outlook has been so good. We do have appointments coming up next week. Tuesday, I have another ultrasound and consultation with Dr. Silver, my diagnostic OB love/doctor and then on Thursday we have our first appointment with the pediatric surgeon. I'd imagine I'll post quite a bit either before or after that appointment. I'm excited and nervous for that one.
Anyway, I had an awesome bbq saturday night and wish all that I know and am getting to know could have come. Every year we tend to have one or two BIG parties and this was a good one. There were a few friends away due to us giving all of a two day notice but we still had a blast. There seemed to be tons of kids there this year. And of course as the night settles and the mild friends/younger parents trickle away, our wild people stay and make me laugh like crazy. I took a good nap that day so that I'd be prepared to stay up a bit and I'm so glad that I did...then again, a good friend moved the party to his house at around 11 because he was worried that I really needed to get some rest. Good people I tell ya! He needn't have worried but then again, I was instantly asleep when I laid down.
Also, have been sewing as if it's going out of style. I'm wondering if this is part of my "nesting" because in two days I've made like seven different bags and a requested neck pillow for my son. I've gone to the book store and bought like 4 craft books that I really didn't need and hoarded fabric to the point that last night my cheap butt sewing room storage system broke (of course, I did lean on it pretty heavily). Luckily, my good hubby assures me that he'll make some good shelves for me this weekend. Gotta love that man.
Anyway, I'm getting ready to fly out to VA for the weekend. I'm very excited to see my family and a few friends. It's going to be a short trip but it is much needed. I haven't been "home" for nearly a year and a half. My family has never seen me pregnant and they may be shocked of how short(feel like I shrink as I get heavier) and roly-poly I am at the moment. I'm very excited to see my aunt to see how she is holding up (short recap: she lost her son/my cousin recently) and am glad that I chose to visit her now rather than at a funeral when there is too much going on. ...Also am hopefully having lunch with a few friends. I had really lost contact with so many people from school because I've lived away from home since I graduated and am just glad to live in the technological world that starts to bring us back to one another.
Also, a quick note about my sister in law, Sarah. As soon as I find her blog again, I'm going to post it on here. She has a mysterious neurological illness that no one seems to know quite what it is and she has started a blog in hopes that someone will have some help or insight for her. If you could take a minute and read it, send her a prayer, maybe know a tip or two on where she could look for help, I'd really appreciate that. I'll try to post her blog by this afternoon.
Well, I'm going to start my day. Am eating nutritious cocoa puffs, need a shower and take Tristan to his last day of school. Plan on making sure all of the laundry is done and throwing a pork roast in the crock pot. The sun is shining and all is well.


  1. Have a safe flight to VA and enjoy your time with family and friends. We still are trying to decide if we are coming to Salt Lake on the 9th, the day before Ian's surgery, or just come down that morning on the 10th. Just depends on surgery time and they won't give us the time until the day before surgery. I will send you an email if we are going to be there on the 9th. Hope both of your appts. go very well and you like the surgeon and get some questions answered. You need to send some sun our way, the last two days have been down right chilly! I bet Tristan is excited to be done with school, only two more days for us. Praying for Ireland and continue to have a positive outlook on her journey...she can feel when you are positive. Again, have a great weekend in VA!!

    Tracy - Ian's mom

  2. well i wish you the best and i will be praying for yall.....when are you due? For some reason i didn't see that on your here.

  3. i can't even read my last comment! I was trying to say, i can't find where your due date is on your blog.

  4. Wifey is due August 23rd..