Thursday, June 18, 2009

Room in progress and some brave pics

I took a leap of faith here. Showing the slow but steady progress in Ireland's room. Then, shocking the world with just taken photos by master photographer, Mikey. I feel assured that he loves me even though I can't possibly be as big as these pics make me look. Surely the camera added 30lbs!!!

This is the border that we both love and cute little light switch.

Needing to get some curtains, paint that wicker basket, and someday possibly a crib in here...along with cleaning that old chair up a bit!

Just thrown some things on the shelf for real orginization there...but love what Mikey did to my old dresser...when Ireland is older, it has a huge mirror that attaches to it. He also changed out the knobs to little lady bug ones that match the border pretty well.

BRAVE photo #1....showing double chin with the bare, white, huge belly!!!...not the most attractive pic I've ever taken....but pretty honest representation of present status.
p.s. I do have eyeballs somewhere in those slits.

Brave photo #2....not as bad as #1 but shows my lack of any fashion at the moment. Sadly, could have fit 2 of me in this chair pre-preggo. Everyone assures me a little breast feeding will get me back in shape. We'll see.
Well, I've shown the world the tragic demise of my body but will admit that I wouldn't change it for the world right now. If anything, will demand reshoot of pics with me standing up and in a better bra! ...Hope to have made someone's day. Surely you either smiled or felt better about yourself. Either reaction is fine with me.


  1. are so funny!! I think you are a beautiful pregnant woman and I am sure your hubby would agree. Love the nursery, you have done a great job. Ireland is going to fit perfectly into that room!!


  2. :-) Love the nursery.. and the bump. At least you don't have close to 100 stretch marks like I did.. well, still do. Seriously.. I tried to count but gave up. Always praying for you guys!