Thursday, June 11, 2009

Preggo women!!!

This is my first post as Ireland's daddy. I just thought that hell, I've read quite a few blog's and never seem to get the guys point of view so I figured I'd throw in a quick how u doin. Let me first say I don't feel left out because of this, just wanted to let my fellow daddy's who's little one has CDH that they are not alone. I've come to terms with what may or may not happen to my little angel. Not to say that when that moment comes that I won't be freakin out! It's like night and day from the first time we heard what Ireland had and now. I've gone from this is my nightmare to well we will fight and it will all be good and then back and forth. We tried for 5 years to have a little one and all but gave up when we got the news we (and I like to say we!!) got Chanda's a great mom. Tristan is older now but seems really excited about Ireland. I know I will be counting on him to help out alot while mom and Ireland are still in the hospital. I hope to keep life somewhat normal for him although I know that its really not going to happen. In short I guess, just want the daddy's to know its alright to let a tear out, a sob, give your wife a little hell while she's preg... I know I get in as many as I can during the day. Yes little Ireland has a real issue but while she's in momma's tummy she is just fine. Have fun with the joy of your wife getting a little crankie, moody, maybe just maybe a little Cause I just love all of it when I stop to think..and I'm sure Chanda would say I don't think much before I talk. Your not alone guys.. far from it.

Best of luck to all the other family's still fighting on for their little ones that have already been born. To parents that are still expecting, its a scary thing but pray and think positive. And finally to the family's of little ones lost and still follow our journey's. Bless you and my heart pours out to you and may you find peace and comfort threw these difficult times..

Irelands' Daddy.....
P.S. I can't spell for nothing so please don't hold that against me!!


  1. I love it! Thinking of you guys and what lies ahead. Praying that Ireland will do great and amaze everyone!

    Much Love from CA....

  2. :-) My husband was into the reading the blogs towards the very end. It's good to get a daddy's perspective. Praying for you all and little Ireland!


  3. You are a wonderful daddy and husband. Don't forget to give Chanda lots of foot massages and belly kisses. You are in our prayers. If you ever need to talk to another CDH daddy Shane would be happy to talk to you just email us at