Thursday, June 11, 2009

note for last post

On hindsight, felt the need to defend my last few comments or rather, defend my mom. Yes, she said something that hurt but want to add that my mother is as bad as me for not censoring herself at times. I love this woman dearly and also am infuriated at a drop of a dime by her. This is our relationship and that is the truth. One day, I may expand on this but I want it noted that she is one of the better women I know. She is generous and has a good heart...the best heart....she can simply be hard on me. Plus, she loves me. It is not neccessarily how I would like to be loved sometimes, but she is present and very much my mother. And, I love her. Enough said. Doubt much of my side of the family reads this (due to their busy and country lifestyle) but felt the need to throw this in here because it wasn't neccessarily right for me to mouth off as I did. In lieu of this somewhat lame apology of sorts, I choose not to censor myself too much on this blog because I vowed to be honest with my feelings and actions during this time. I still believe that there may be someone that reads this and feels connected rather than alone and for that, I'll continue on with I've started here.

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