Friday, June 19, 2009

Just another post

I couldn't sleep a wink last night. Have no idea what that was about!! I've been up forever and would imagine that it's good I've been pretty productive this week because I see this morning being somewhat lazy.
I wanted to say thanks to everyone with comments about my two preggo pics. Mikey and I sort of laughed last night because they are far from good looking pics and normally I wouldn't post them but I felt that he was daring me and for that, I had to post them. Then again, I'm far from skinny preggo right now and all I can do is post myself in a better outfit and position next time which I'll do sometime this weekend. I do not want Ireland to believe that I completely let myself go even though that is exactly what I look like draped over that chair!
Anywho, will not bash myself anymore because I really don't mind my present state. I'm pregnant and proud of it. It took me a long time to get this way!!!

....well, I've sewn alot this week. I have to say that I think my beginner status is going away. I'm getting much better with all the practice I've had lately. I've been sewing U of U material into a few small things for my shower. Mikey thinks this is crazy but I like giving things to people and told him that I figured when they use the stuff, maybe they'll think of us while we're dealing with all of the CDH junk. ...there are sooooo many people out there that contribute tons of time and more towards CDH awareness and I don't feel that I do much at all. It can almost make you feel selfish knowing that there are people that have dedicated their lives to this cause and you simply are telling your story through a blog. Honestly, people have made awareness of this condition their career. ....a while back someone mentioned me making my little NICU masks for some organization or something and I remember thinking that I just didn't want to commit myself fully just like that... is this totally selfish? I have thought of things like making some extra masks for the NICU at Primary Children's and even doing a few more things but I really don't want to commit myself to something major when part of me feels that I haven't a clue on what we're about to face.

Well, too tired and yet can't sleep. So, think I'll go turn on the boob-tube and lay down on the couch. It's Friday and I miss Tristan. It's supposed to rain yet again this weekend and I'm just in a funk already this morning. .....I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Once I get some rest today, I'm sure I'll enjoy mine.

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