Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Uneventful appt./better pic

I wanted to post a decent picture of myself that hopefully better represents myself than the nasty "I dare ya" look to the previous pics. Plus, I did get one hurtful comment and truth is, I'm

not really that bad. Alot of belly and bloating but honestly, my weight hasn't gone all that crazy. I actually lost some last appointment...and my nurse at the U is now instructed that from now on I will always give my urine sample BEFORE I am weighed. :)
Anywho, I had a very uneventful appointment at the U of U yesterday. Besides my weight having gone down nearly 5 lbs (no diet changes, just happened), there was nothing great. I got to tour the small maternity ward and the room that will most likely be where I'm scheduled. The room was pretty dang nice except for the huge window that has access to the NICU. Apparently, this was the window that they'll pass my Ireland through the minute she is born. Honestly, that was a bit upsetting. I like to live in my Utopian world until I have to face my realities. Anyway, this window leads to the the U of U NICU...Ireland will be there just until she's stabilized enough to be moved to the Primary Children's NICU, which is basically a hop down the elevator, across a bridge to the next building. I'll apparently stay in the room for just a few hours until I can be moved to a regular recovery room.
Well, sad thing happened. As we were leaving the appointment, wouldn't you know the chapel is right there next to the bathroom that I use every time we leave before hitting the elevators. I'm standing there waiting for the person before me and out comes a family in tears. I got a little shook up and went to the bathroom. When I came out, Mikey said that apparently this family had lost a baby to preterm labor. How awful. They probably didn't want to see a huge pregnant lady when they were exiting that chapel and goodness knows, I can get pretty upset about the loss of a baby (who wouldn't?). Anyway, I just felt tearful the entire ride home. I told Mikey that I really thought the chapel should be moved. Why would it be placed on a floor next to a maternity ward that deals with so much already?! .....granted, where else would the chapel go. This is a huge hospital and very well known cancer treatment facility....doubt anyone wants to see it next to their suffering loved one.
Anywho, today is a new day. Plan on making some stuff....researching how to get rid of some back pain. That's it for now.


  1. :-) I think you look great!! Hope my last comment wasn't hurtful. Ireland is going to do awesome!!! :-)

  2. You look great Chanda, just glowing!! Praying for you and Ireland and your entire family.

    Hugs, Tracy

  3. Thanks....and Ashley, I'd imagine that you don't have a mean bone in worries, it was definitely not you....I was obviously fishing for compliments because I probably should of kept the hurt thing to myself...anywho, am thinking of all of my CDH family and hope you guys are well.

  4. well i think your cute! and when are you due? I'm due in July....really soon! I haven't posted pregnant pics yet lol.....i will i will....

    lots of love and prayers Candice