Sunday, June 28, 2009

Due Date: Aug 23rd but most likely around Aug 16

I've been asked my due date a few times and have neglected to answer....basically, the doctor said I'd be induced about one week before my actual due date just so that we can insure that I don't go into labor anywhere but at the U of U. I wanted to also let you know that my doctor doesn't really want me to have a C-section. Apparently having a vaginal delivery facilitates the lungs by squeezing out some fluid as Ireland comes through the "birthing canal".

Well, I've been having a very uneventful week. I've been incredibly tired and seem to nap alot. I've neglected my blog and facebook. Sorry, my loving peeps! ....anyway, we have family coming over for a long weekend and naptime has to have more restricted hours this week. I need to clean up, change sheets, make room for the kids in the sewing room, make sure there is more food in the house, maybe stock up on stuff like toilet paper, and prepare some things for a bbq on the 4th of July. Honestly, so excited because part of me has been bored....also, missing Tristan (who will be home on the 8th, YAY!!)

Well, wanting to check out some blogs that I follow and hope everyone had a good weekend!!

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  1. yay! I've been wondering your due date....well your getting close! thanks for letting us know....

    lots of love candice