Wednesday, June 10, 2009

catching up

Well, I’m currently at work and saving this in a word document to be posted later. As you can tell, I’m totally busy at the moment.
Anyway, I really enjoyed my long weekend in VA with family. I will recommend NOT traveling when totally huge and pregnant. The flights were not comfy, they were totally exhausting and for some reason the heartburn was beyond controllable. …other than that, I loved seeing my family and loved having lunch with a few long ago friends.
I was surprised at how much my nephew has grown…granted he was 4 months old the last time I really saw him and now he is nearly 2. It is incredible the growth that goes on with babies. The time truly flies waaaaaay too fast. ….My mother and I managed to get along the entire trip. Anyone who truly knows this relationship would be proud. I’ll keep it at that and surely have the occasional hurtful recollection show up at later times but not today. …I enjoyed seeing my dad and believe I talked to him more than I had in years. That was truly nice and special to me. ….My aunt was looking well for all that she has been through this past month and I am lucky to have a strong example like her in my life. …It’s always nice to see my brother and his wife. I love everything about them and just wish they lived closer to me. …….On Sunday night, I saw quite a bit of my family that came over for some desserts and just to hang out. That was really nice and I’m just amazed at how well that I believe my family ages. There are moments in the conversations that make me excited for retirement and moments when aging seems to truly be a pain (literally!). ….beyond seeing my nephews every move when he was around, the highlight would surely be my few hours of having seen long ago friends. They looked incredibly good and were so much fun to be with. It is really good to see how much we have changed and really how the core of us is essentially the same. It seems that through all of the ups and downs we’ve had, we’re all pretty strong women and manage to find happiness daily. Pretty cool if you ask me.
..another highlight of my trip was the pictures that my great hubby sent me through our phones. He’d apparently been working on the babies room and according to the 2 inch or so picture it was beautiful. I couldn’t wait to come home to see what he’d done. He even took an old dresser of mine and made it beautiful again with a coat of white paint….once home, it was exactly as it seemed. Gorgeous. We just need to get the crib set up and a rocker. Bring home beautiful baby and we are set.

Yesterday were appointments at the U of U. I had the ultrasound, blood test for diabetes, and the consultation with Dr. Silver. All went well. Ireland is so big now (over 3 pounds) that it is sort of hard to make out what’s what on the ultrasound but bottom line was that she was continuing to stay the course. She has no major changes in the diaphragmatic hernia and I had no issues with my amniotic fluids. We’re apparently continuing to be as fine as can be. I got the call this morning and do not have diabetes. Yay!! I was a little worried on this front because I’d heard that age could be a factor here. I am however, anemic. Was told to get a pretty specific dose for iron and to make sure I’m eating meat and such. I was also told to get some flax seed so that I don’t get “backed-up”. Yay for me. …After a few general preggo questions with the doctor, our only major question was wondering when we’d actually be induced to have Ireland. With the way things are currently going, the great doc believes we’ll just go for an induction on the week before her due date (so due date is Aug 23rd, her actual birth may be around the 16th). With the 16th being a Sunday, I wonder if they’ll go a few days earlier or later so the great doc can have a day off since it will obviously be a scheduled birth. Very excited for this. Suppose that I should be more nervous knowing that we’ll be at the NICU and all but seriously not anything but excited at the moment.

Also, tomorrow have an appointment with what will hopefully be the great pediatric surgeon that we are hoping for. We have already researched enough to know this surgeon is more than qualified but we’re hoping that his bedside manner is as good as Dr. Silver’s. We’ll see and I’ll be sure to update then.

As for today, I am working. I did the bulk of my work as soon as I got here and am currently in “observation” mode and also the ever present “if you need to ask a question, I’m here” mode. I’ll be in these modes for these people until lunch time. For those that don’t know, I typically work in new steel construction and that includes any newly fabricated pieces that are made in shops. Today, I’m in a small steel shop and doing some verifications of materials and drawings. It’s a very easy day because it is the beginning of a project and I am needed simply to make sure they are cutting the correct sort of steel and cutting it according to the drawings. Pretty simple stuff that doesn’t exactly take a genius at this point but working with the precious male egos, simple things can be made more complicated than necessary at times…thus the need for inspectors like myself. ….anyway, I could stay until the end of the work day but because I have the excuse of pregnancy and the drive out here is an hour, I’m opting to leave so that I can take my precious nap. Plus, it is raining. That makes me want to sleep even more. …..any other time, I’d be here for the day but ..ya know. I’ll be back at this same place on Friday. So terribly excited about that (input sarcasm here).
Well, once I’m home, I’ll either nap or post this. Once both are done, I need to get on some thank you notes. I received some adorable things for Ireland while I was home. This girl has a better wardrobe than I do at the moment!! She also received a really cute angel blanket from my folks for her bed and her aunt Amy knitted her an irish rose…literally the name of the pattern…it’s just a really beautiful knitted rose. Also, I need to eventually get on facebook and see what is going on with everyone and also would like to check on everyone’s blogs while I do some laundry. ….and hopefully, Tracy has a place to read this because I am pretty certain that she’s at the U of U right now with her boys and I wish to goodness we could meet…if it’s not possible, then know that you and your guys have been in my thoughts and prayers.
Okay, so as to actually earn some of the money that I’ll make on this little job, I’m going to mingle and see if all is still well here. Everyone take care of you and yours.


  1. Thinking of you and precious Ireland. Thank you for thinking of my boys. They are doing good for just having surgeries and the pain meds are keeping them pretty drowsy. What a whirlwind experience we had on Wednesday. Plus, with what should have taken 3 hours to get home this morning, took 5. I will email you tomorrow and tell you more. Glad to read that Ireland is growing and no additional problems popping up. Look forward to hearing how the surgeon's appt. went.