Sunday, June 28, 2009

New babies

I just wanted to add in here that babies Brooke and Kamryn were born recently and that they could use some prayers. Their blog has been a joy to read and they have a wealth of information about CDH on the blog. The family is going through so much and they continue to update nearly daily which can't be easy. They have an older daughter, one baby is now home and another in the NICU. The entire family could use the prayers and support. Their blog is listed down at the right where I believe I just have it labeled as blogs that I follow or babies that I follow...something like that. ....following any of these blogs (and I really need to add more blogs) are invaluable for information and simply connecting to others

Due Date: Aug 23rd but most likely around Aug 16

I've been asked my due date a few times and have neglected to answer....basically, the doctor said I'd be induced about one week before my actual due date just so that we can insure that I don't go into labor anywhere but at the U of U. I wanted to also let you know that my doctor doesn't really want me to have a C-section. Apparently having a vaginal delivery facilitates the lungs by squeezing out some fluid as Ireland comes through the "birthing canal".

Well, I've been having a very uneventful week. I've been incredibly tired and seem to nap alot. I've neglected my blog and facebook. Sorry, my loving peeps! ....anyway, we have family coming over for a long weekend and naptime has to have more restricted hours this week. I need to clean up, change sheets, make room for the kids in the sewing room, make sure there is more food in the house, maybe stock up on stuff like toilet paper, and prepare some things for a bbq on the 4th of July. Honestly, so excited because part of me has been bored....also, missing Tristan (who will be home on the 8th, YAY!!)

Well, wanting to check out some blogs that I follow and hope everyone had a good weekend!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Uneventful appt./better pic

I wanted to post a decent picture of myself that hopefully better represents myself than the nasty "I dare ya" look to the previous pics. Plus, I did get one hurtful comment and truth is, I'm

not really that bad. Alot of belly and bloating but honestly, my weight hasn't gone all that crazy. I actually lost some last appointment...and my nurse at the U is now instructed that from now on I will always give my urine sample BEFORE I am weighed. :)
Anywho, I had a very uneventful appointment at the U of U yesterday. Besides my weight having gone down nearly 5 lbs (no diet changes, just happened), there was nothing great. I got to tour the small maternity ward and the room that will most likely be where I'm scheduled. The room was pretty dang nice except for the huge window that has access to the NICU. Apparently, this was the window that they'll pass my Ireland through the minute she is born. Honestly, that was a bit upsetting. I like to live in my Utopian world until I have to face my realities. Anyway, this window leads to the the U of U NICU...Ireland will be there just until she's stabilized enough to be moved to the Primary Children's NICU, which is basically a hop down the elevator, across a bridge to the next building. I'll apparently stay in the room for just a few hours until I can be moved to a regular recovery room.
Well, sad thing happened. As we were leaving the appointment, wouldn't you know the chapel is right there next to the bathroom that I use every time we leave before hitting the elevators. I'm standing there waiting for the person before me and out comes a family in tears. I got a little shook up and went to the bathroom. When I came out, Mikey said that apparently this family had lost a baby to preterm labor. How awful. They probably didn't want to see a huge pregnant lady when they were exiting that chapel and goodness knows, I can get pretty upset about the loss of a baby (who wouldn't?). Anyway, I just felt tearful the entire ride home. I told Mikey that I really thought the chapel should be moved. Why would it be placed on a floor next to a maternity ward that deals with so much already?! .....granted, where else would the chapel go. This is a huge hospital and very well known cancer treatment facility....doubt anyone wants to see it next to their suffering loved one.
Anywho, today is a new day. Plan on making some stuff....researching how to get rid of some back pain. That's it for now.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Just another post

I couldn't sleep a wink last night. Have no idea what that was about!! I've been up forever and would imagine that it's good I've been pretty productive this week because I see this morning being somewhat lazy.
I wanted to say thanks to everyone with comments about my two preggo pics. Mikey and I sort of laughed last night because they are far from good looking pics and normally I wouldn't post them but I felt that he was daring me and for that, I had to post them. Then again, I'm far from skinny preggo right now and all I can do is post myself in a better outfit and position next time which I'll do sometime this weekend. I do not want Ireland to believe that I completely let myself go even though that is exactly what I look like draped over that chair!
Anywho, will not bash myself anymore because I really don't mind my present state. I'm pregnant and proud of it. It took me a long time to get this way!!!

....well, I've sewn alot this week. I have to say that I think my beginner status is going away. I'm getting much better with all the practice I've had lately. I've been sewing U of U material into a few small things for my shower. Mikey thinks this is crazy but I like giving things to people and told him that I figured when they use the stuff, maybe they'll think of us while we're dealing with all of the CDH junk. ...there are sooooo many people out there that contribute tons of time and more towards CDH awareness and I don't feel that I do much at all. It can almost make you feel selfish knowing that there are people that have dedicated their lives to this cause and you simply are telling your story through a blog. Honestly, people have made awareness of this condition their career. ....a while back someone mentioned me making my little NICU masks for some organization or something and I remember thinking that I just didn't want to commit myself fully just like that... is this totally selfish? I have thought of things like making some extra masks for the NICU at Primary Children's and even doing a few more things but I really don't want to commit myself to something major when part of me feels that I haven't a clue on what we're about to face.

Well, too tired and yet can't sleep. So, think I'll go turn on the boob-tube and lay down on the couch. It's Friday and I miss Tristan. It's supposed to rain yet again this weekend and I'm just in a funk already this morning. .....I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Once I get some rest today, I'm sure I'll enjoy mine.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Room in progress and some brave pics

I took a leap of faith here. Showing the slow but steady progress in Ireland's room. Then, shocking the world with just taken photos by master photographer, Mikey. I feel assured that he loves me even though I can't possibly be as big as these pics make me look. Surely the camera added 30lbs!!!

This is the border that we both love and cute little light switch.

Needing to get some curtains, paint that wicker basket, and someday possibly a crib in here...along with cleaning that old chair up a bit!

Just thrown some things on the shelf for real orginization there...but love what Mikey did to my old dresser...when Ireland is older, it has a huge mirror that attaches to it. He also changed out the knobs to little lady bug ones that match the border pretty well.

BRAVE photo #1....showing double chin with the bare, white, huge belly!!!...not the most attractive pic I've ever taken....but pretty honest representation of present status.
p.s. I do have eyeballs somewhere in those slits.

Brave photo #2....not as bad as #1 but shows my lack of any fashion at the moment. Sadly, could have fit 2 of me in this chair pre-preggo. Everyone assures me a little breast feeding will get me back in shape. We'll see.
Well, I've shown the world the tragic demise of my body but will admit that I wouldn't change it for the world right now. If anything, will demand reshoot of pics with me standing up and in a better bra! ...Hope to have made someone's day. Surely you either smiled or felt better about yourself. Either reaction is fine with me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dreams and Worries

Well, today I should have shower invites in the mail. Mikey and I did most of the work since Jeannie (friend having shower) is insisting on everything else. None of us know the etiquette since we're all away from family and basically all of our shower giving experience is a big zero. Oh well, all of us trying to do this thing have at least been present at showers. So, we'll see how it goes. Knowing Jeannie, the food will be too much and really good.
Anyway, sorry I haven't posted in a bit. I was still processing alot of last week's doctor appointment. I've been doing fine but have been doing alot of dreaming and thinking about things to come. ....Last night, I asked Mikey if something was wrong with me since I don't cry alot right now. I'm sad and worried but my tears are sort of minimum. ....For instance, Saturday morning we were outside doing some yard work and our neighbor came over asking how I was and if I could explain what was going on a bit better. Well, next thing I know she's practically balling and I'm reassuring her. She is a very sweet woman and assured me that she was going through menopause and apologized. She didn't need to do this but I found myself explaining why I don't cry about this anymore. Why is that? Last night I did tear up during some show that had a small cameo of a sick newborn..other than that, I haven't really shown a heck of alot of emotion. ...I will say that I dream alot lately. I dream of good and bad things to come and it's all in a very "this could be real" way. ....Weird. Part of me explains this as my coping. I watch my belly dance constantly and at times, this all seems sort of unreal. Other times, not very often, I don't feel anything and worry like crazy.

Well, I worked a bit last week and yesterday and it seems to be coming to an end. I nap quite a bit now and am not comfortable driving an hour from home. I don't worry about bed rest so much since I'll most likely not be going around too much now. I have been on unemployment for several months now but have usually had some hours of work each week. This is probably a good thing because with income, it reduced my benefit and makes me eligible a bit longer.

Also, I have been stressing over silly things lately and really need to "chill out". There is too much to post here but since I throw in my sewing hobby, I'll use that as my example. ...I feel I have roughly at least 8 more weeks until Ireland is in the world and a little less than 3 weeks when my sibling in-laws are coming to visit. Well, I feel overwhelmed with what projects I want to get done before either of these things happen and in the end find myself having finished nothing. I have to make a list and prioritize or nothing will be done. I know that Ireland will not be coming home with me instantly but I feel that her room should totally be done because for one, we're not exactly going to be working on her room while she's at the NICU and she may be that miracle that is home sooner than later. As for my in-laws, well, I of course want the house to look nice and there are several projects that I'd like done before we have guests for a long, my only real thing I have to get done is take invites to the post office along with some work papers that need to be sent out...I actually woke up at 4am counting how many hours I had until the post office opened because I knew I still needed to address some envelopes, get them sealed and organize the paperwork that I need to send to my office. I also wanted to run by the book store. Now is this going to take 5 hours??? Absolutely not. But then my head starts running through all the projects I want to get done, the chores that must get done and what should we have for dinner and all of a sudden, you'd think I was running a mansion. I start worrying about how bad the front of our porch looks because I felt major landscaping could take a vacation this year. I worry about weeds in the rocks because they seem uncontrollable all of a sudden (granted it's been raining non-stop here). I worry about my dog shedding hair entirely too much this summer and the cat box possibly making our house smell (better not, I am very aware of smells!!!). I worry if I should get outside a bit more in shorts and get some color and then next thing I'm worrying about looking silly in said shorts with stick legs and huge round belly. I worry if I'll have time to nap if I'm trying to get all of this other stuff done. .......on and on. Some women are nesting and I'm just obsessing with worry. Oh well, better get off of here and actually make a to-do list. I'm convinced that I'll get all of this stuff done as long as I make my list each day. ...gotta go. Prayers out to my family, my peeps and all my CDH family and babies (future and present)!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Important health lesson

Well, I’ve had some time to process yesterday’s appointment with Dr. Scaife, pediatric surgeon. As those who read the earlier post will know, I was terribly nervous about this. For good cause apparently. The entire appointment was a health lesson and very much like taking a band-aid off very quickly.
I went in that appointment feeling pretty dang knowledgeable about what I believed was going to be the basic scenario. Of course, on the ride to Primary Children’s, I wrote down a page of questions but truly felt I had a grasp of the basic anatomy for Ireland’s condition. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. Now, I’m not going to fuss at my fellow bloggers of this condition or my beloved CHERUBS, but there was quite a bit that I learned and I was totally thrown off. There is a lot of talk about stabilizing the lungs and immediate ventilation once our CDH babies are born. Well, not so much on the ins and outs of why. Obviously I knew that she’d have (hopefully) one healthy lung and one that would need time and healing. I’ve learned all about the actual herniated condition of her diaphragm and the fact of problems with the stomach and bowel being in the chest area….well, not so much about how I had this image of a very small hole when in actuality it is probably more like ¼ to ½ of her diaphragm is missing.
Anywho, I’m going to do my best to give a bit of a health lesson. Our surgeon was very good on explaining this not just once with a drawn picture and much pointing but a second time because I apparently needed him to act as if our blood were different colored cars to understand the path a little better. ….here I go. Dr. Chanda at your service. First off, think of the path of the blood going from your heart to lungs for oxygen, some filtering of carbon dioxide and acids and back down to your heart and then sent throughout your body. For me to apparently get this basic concept, we used the idea of cars going up blue, getting serviced beautifully and coming back red. This is what we all need…nice red cars. Well, for a fetus, the blood doesn’t go to the lungs to get precious oxygen but to the placenta. There are extra paths (or shunts) that exist in a fetus’s heart to facilitate the sole purpose of blood to go from the heart to the placenta and back again for this oxygen. These extra paths/shunts tend to break themselves down and just sort of go away within a day or so of birth due to no more placenta. Obviously once the fetus is born, the cord is cut, the placenta is birthed and thrown out. The fetus becomes a baby human and is ready to breathe. Well, sounds great, maybe we’ll just have one lung and need help breathing with the other. This is what I (in my infinite wisdom) had thought. Hmm, so wrong. Our little newborn CDH babies will immediately be born with serious high blood pressure. Once my baby Ireland takes her first breath, her little heart will realize that the lungs are not quite doing what she needs, so the heart will do what it’s naturally been doing for the past nine months and seek out those little extra paths/shunts and go look for the placenta. Problem. Big problem. The shunts are still there and haven’t magically disappeared so the blood will go there but obviously isn’t going to find that precious oxygen supply from the placenta. She’ll also be breathing in our air and will have carbon dioxide and acid trying to figure out what to do. Basically, we have a big damn mess going on! …Thus, the need for ventilation for oxygen, medications to sedate and relax Ireland, ways to stimulate/relax the stressed out heart and a way to clean out this carbon dioxide and acid. What is natural and so taken for granted by all, will end up a major issue for our little CDH babies.

So, when our babies are born, we’re NOT so worried about the size of the diaphragmatic hole or what is or isn’t inside the chest cavity. We’re worried about calming down high blood pressure enough to be able to handle a major surgery. Within 24 to 48 hours, we’ll know if ventilation is enough or if we have to go to ECMO (big bad bypass machine). Remember my idiocy of having to relate blood to red and blue cars? Well, our babies are in serious need of red cars. Any perfectly healthy newborn will have 100% red cars all of the time. We in the CDH world will be seeking them out and monitoring them like crazy. Our babies will have a hell of a time settling into this new world outside of the womb. You could have the greatest test results and percentages throughout your pregnancy, bottom line, we need little fighters that are thinking of oxygenated red cars that are devoid of too much carbon dioxide and nasty acids. We want them on that ventilator and all those other tubes doing the best they can with whatever healthy lung tissue they’ve got. We need them calm and sedated. We’ll worry about ECMO only if the red cars are ridiculously low and the lungs just can’t do the work at that time. We’ll worry about the surgery when she can handle it.

Well, hope that wasn’t too confusing or even too elementary for those that have walked before me or those learning just like me. I’m sure there are way better technical ways to explain all of this but this is what worked for me. I didn’t necessarily feel that I went back to square one but I was shook up a bit. Also, maybe others have explained this and I was just too dense to get it. I don’t know really. I was in a sort of Utopian mind set that all was going to fair well and with haste. Truth is we’re looking at a typical situation of anywhere from 2 to 4 months at the NICU. The doctor did say we could have an exceptional case of just one month but he wanted to be realistic. I honestly appreciate that. And another thing that I thought was that I’d steadily sit at my precious baby’s side day and night on constant vigil. It was discussed that I can feel free to do this but that they recommend going home and getting on a schedule. This was discussed a little more than just a sentence thrown in the wind and after some basic thoughts on what is best for our situation, I understand the logic of this. Plus, I have a husband and son that will need me during this time as well. And, I’m sure that I’ll need them. We’re trying to figure out how to afford the drive back and forth and are considering monthly passes (about $170 apiece) on what is known as the ‘UTA’ system out here. Basically, I take a sort of train to Salt Lake City and then transfer to a track system (like 3 connected trolleys) that takes you straight to the doors of Primary Children’s Hospital. We’ve decided that we’ll take this route our next few trips to the U of U to get me more comfortable with this. We’re also trying to decide if I should try to get a hotel for the first week or two that will lead up to Ireland’s surgery. We figure these will be the hardest weeks. We really don’t know and welcome advice from those that have walked before us here.

Anyway, we ended up touring the NICU. I was teary through most of that and was in a sort of fog and still processing what Dr. Scaife had said during our surgical consultation. It seemed nice, aesthetic for sure, and just a wee bit sad. The charge nurse spoke rapidly and was giving us a ton of facts that I’m certain I’ll recall later on. She was awfully nice and I do remember her saying that Ireland will be assigned two nurses that will work 12 hour shifts and be at her side constantly until this is deemed not necessary.

Well, I’m going to stop posting for now. I felt my little health lesson was important and hope that others will spread this bit of news to those of us still awaiting the arrival of our CDH babies. And for those just supporting us, this is what we know now. It’s a lot to think about.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Preggo women!!!

This is my first post as Ireland's daddy. I just thought that hell, I've read quite a few blog's and never seem to get the guys point of view so I figured I'd throw in a quick how u doin. Let me first say I don't feel left out because of this, just wanted to let my fellow daddy's who's little one has CDH that they are not alone. I've come to terms with what may or may not happen to my little angel. Not to say that when that moment comes that I won't be freakin out! It's like night and day from the first time we heard what Ireland had and now. I've gone from this is my nightmare to well we will fight and it will all be good and then back and forth. We tried for 5 years to have a little one and all but gave up when we got the news we (and I like to say we!!) got Chanda's a great mom. Tristan is older now but seems really excited about Ireland. I know I will be counting on him to help out alot while mom and Ireland are still in the hospital. I hope to keep life somewhat normal for him although I know that its really not going to happen. In short I guess, just want the daddy's to know its alright to let a tear out, a sob, give your wife a little hell while she's preg... I know I get in as many as I can during the day. Yes little Ireland has a real issue but while she's in momma's tummy she is just fine. Have fun with the joy of your wife getting a little crankie, moody, maybe just maybe a little Cause I just love all of it when I stop to think..and I'm sure Chanda would say I don't think much before I talk. Your not alone guys.. far from it.

Best of luck to all the other family's still fighting on for their little ones that have already been born. To parents that are still expecting, its a scary thing but pray and think positive. And finally to the family's of little ones lost and still follow our journey's. Bless you and my heart pours out to you and may you find peace and comfort threw these difficult times..

Irelands' Daddy.....
P.S. I can't spell for nothing so please don't hold that against me!!

note for last post

On hindsight, felt the need to defend my last few comments or rather, defend my mom. Yes, she said something that hurt but want to add that my mother is as bad as me for not censoring herself at times. I love this woman dearly and also am infuriated at a drop of a dime by her. This is our relationship and that is the truth. One day, I may expand on this but I want it noted that she is one of the better women I know. She is generous and has a good heart...the best heart....she can simply be hard on me. Plus, she loves me. It is not neccessarily how I would like to be loved sometimes, but she is present and very much my mother. And, I love her. Enough said. Doubt much of my side of the family reads this (due to their busy and country lifestyle) but felt the need to throw this in here because it wasn't neccessarily right for me to mouth off as I did. In lieu of this somewhat lame apology of sorts, I choose not to censor myself too much on this blog because I vowed to be honest with my feelings and actions during this time. I still believe that there may be someone that reads this and feels connected rather than alone and for that, I'll continue on with I've started here.


I am a bit nervous about the appointment with the pediatric surgeon this morning. First off, we have to arrive fairly early because we're not certain where we're going. Second, I've been enjoying my rose colored scenario and don't particularly want to see my reality.
I am not one bit prepared for meeting this doctor. I had all of these questions in my head and every intention of writing them out and I just have not done this. I figure I'll do this on the way to Primary Children's.
Last night or rather, this morning, I woke early thinking of some of the mothers that didn't bring home their babies. Morbid, I know. But I thought how they still check on the progress of those of us waiting to have our babies and I wonder how they do that. I suppose this may mean I'm selfish because part of me thinks that I'd prefer to shut off the computer for a good year or two after something like that. ...also, I've been having some pretty weird dreams anyway. I dreamt the other night that we were at the Grand Canyon and I kept falling. I'd go stand for a picture, the wind would blow, and my bloated body would just topple. Weird.
Anywho, very nervous about today. Finally got out of bed, fed the cats and commenced to get in the car to go get Beto's (it's a local place with incredible breakfast burritos). Well, as I'm driving, I realize that at nearly 5:30 in the morning, without a lick of a bra or even decent clothes beyond a flimsy night gown, maybe this isn't the brightest idea. So, knowing that only women are ever there, I run through the McD's drive thru for a mocha and hotcakes. Call me crazy, I am. Plus, Mikey will probably have woken up just enough to have heard the car leave and come home, wake up and believe I brought him home something yummy for breakfast. Sorry.
I want to throw in here that I'm missing Tristan. He's older now and so far, we've had some sort of communication daily but it's not alot and I just miss him.
Anyway, totally scatter brained this morning if you have not noticed already. I apologize for this. I'm just sort of shocked about my feelings for today. I'd so been looking forward to this appointment and well, it just seems that I'd rather go see my Dr. Silver that lets me know that I'm progressing well and so is Ireland. This doctor that I'll see today will let me know all of the probably realities of our situation from baby is born to she can finally come home. He'll let me know what they'll do when they take her from me the minute she is born, what tubes will be for what, why they're there, what my role will be in all of this, why it may take a while for actual repair surgery, how long all of this may take, we'll discuss what may happen long term...on and on. See? I haven't really gone here too often and don't really relish the thought of going there today. I've read the news, the latest sites, the personal blogs and know many of the basics of what to expect but this is MY baby and it will not just be a story but a part of my life. I'll actually be living through this nightmare of worry and beyond everyone's niceties, this will all suck very much. ...I wonder how Mikey and Tristan and I will all get through this. I suddenly am worried about the basic things like where will we all sleep?, will we come home?, we'll have to come home so Tristan can go to school, we'll have to eat at some point, do I really want to do the whole pump my breasts constantly thing?, ...basics. How the hell do we figure out the basic logistics of all of this? ....Is Ireland going to suffer like crazy? When can I touch her and talk to her? Is she really so bad that she'll have to be fed through damned tubes at first?? ...I'm getting a little teary and I really have not done this in quite awhile. Part of me is back to feeling anger because the biggest question for me is when can I hold my baby. Who the hell has to ask this question? ...excuse the sailor talk but I tend to get turrets when I'm upset. I can usually hold it in but this is who I holding back. Which makes me think of my mom's comment my last day of seeing her. We were discussing her and my daddy visiting once Ireland is home and she made the comment that she didn't want me going on and on about what happened in the hospital. What kind of damn mother says that???...Jeannie, if you're reading this be prepared to know that the hospital staff will be led to believe you are my adopted sister and have all rights to be in the room any time because I am assured that I can say anything to you...

Well, I had better stop with the angry/sad/nervous post and get on to making my list of questions. Better mood will come later, I'm sure but needed to get this out.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

catching up

Well, I’m currently at work and saving this in a word document to be posted later. As you can tell, I’m totally busy at the moment.
Anyway, I really enjoyed my long weekend in VA with family. I will recommend NOT traveling when totally huge and pregnant. The flights were not comfy, they were totally exhausting and for some reason the heartburn was beyond controllable. …other than that, I loved seeing my family and loved having lunch with a few long ago friends.
I was surprised at how much my nephew has grown…granted he was 4 months old the last time I really saw him and now he is nearly 2. It is incredible the growth that goes on with babies. The time truly flies waaaaaay too fast. ….My mother and I managed to get along the entire trip. Anyone who truly knows this relationship would be proud. I’ll keep it at that and surely have the occasional hurtful recollection show up at later times but not today. …I enjoyed seeing my dad and believe I talked to him more than I had in years. That was truly nice and special to me. ….My aunt was looking well for all that she has been through this past month and I am lucky to have a strong example like her in my life. …It’s always nice to see my brother and his wife. I love everything about them and just wish they lived closer to me. …….On Sunday night, I saw quite a bit of my family that came over for some desserts and just to hang out. That was really nice and I’m just amazed at how well that I believe my family ages. There are moments in the conversations that make me excited for retirement and moments when aging seems to truly be a pain (literally!). ….beyond seeing my nephews every move when he was around, the highlight would surely be my few hours of having seen long ago friends. They looked incredibly good and were so much fun to be with. It is really good to see how much we have changed and really how the core of us is essentially the same. It seems that through all of the ups and downs we’ve had, we’re all pretty strong women and manage to find happiness daily. Pretty cool if you ask me.
..another highlight of my trip was the pictures that my great hubby sent me through our phones. He’d apparently been working on the babies room and according to the 2 inch or so picture it was beautiful. I couldn’t wait to come home to see what he’d done. He even took an old dresser of mine and made it beautiful again with a coat of white paint….once home, it was exactly as it seemed. Gorgeous. We just need to get the crib set up and a rocker. Bring home beautiful baby and we are set.

Yesterday were appointments at the U of U. I had the ultrasound, blood test for diabetes, and the consultation with Dr. Silver. All went well. Ireland is so big now (over 3 pounds) that it is sort of hard to make out what’s what on the ultrasound but bottom line was that she was continuing to stay the course. She has no major changes in the diaphragmatic hernia and I had no issues with my amniotic fluids. We’re apparently continuing to be as fine as can be. I got the call this morning and do not have diabetes. Yay!! I was a little worried on this front because I’d heard that age could be a factor here. I am however, anemic. Was told to get a pretty specific dose for iron and to make sure I’m eating meat and such. I was also told to get some flax seed so that I don’t get “backed-up”. Yay for me. …After a few general preggo questions with the doctor, our only major question was wondering when we’d actually be induced to have Ireland. With the way things are currently going, the great doc believes we’ll just go for an induction on the week before her due date (so due date is Aug 23rd, her actual birth may be around the 16th). With the 16th being a Sunday, I wonder if they’ll go a few days earlier or later so the great doc can have a day off since it will obviously be a scheduled birth. Very excited for this. Suppose that I should be more nervous knowing that we’ll be at the NICU and all but seriously not anything but excited at the moment.

Also, tomorrow have an appointment with what will hopefully be the great pediatric surgeon that we are hoping for. We have already researched enough to know this surgeon is more than qualified but we’re hoping that his bedside manner is as good as Dr. Silver’s. We’ll see and I’ll be sure to update then.

As for today, I am working. I did the bulk of my work as soon as I got here and am currently in “observation” mode and also the ever present “if you need to ask a question, I’m here” mode. I’ll be in these modes for these people until lunch time. For those that don’t know, I typically work in new steel construction and that includes any newly fabricated pieces that are made in shops. Today, I’m in a small steel shop and doing some verifications of materials and drawings. It’s a very easy day because it is the beginning of a project and I am needed simply to make sure they are cutting the correct sort of steel and cutting it according to the drawings. Pretty simple stuff that doesn’t exactly take a genius at this point but working with the precious male egos, simple things can be made more complicated than necessary at times…thus the need for inspectors like myself. ….anyway, I could stay until the end of the work day but because I have the excuse of pregnancy and the drive out here is an hour, I’m opting to leave so that I can take my precious nap. Plus, it is raining. That makes me want to sleep even more. …..any other time, I’d be here for the day but ..ya know. I’ll be back at this same place on Friday. So terribly excited about that (input sarcasm here).
Well, once I’m home, I’ll either nap or post this. Once both are done, I need to get on some thank you notes. I received some adorable things for Ireland while I was home. This girl has a better wardrobe than I do at the moment!! She also received a really cute angel blanket from my folks for her bed and her aunt Amy knitted her an irish rose…literally the name of the pattern…it’s just a really beautiful knitted rose. Also, I need to eventually get on facebook and see what is going on with everyone and also would like to check on everyone’s blogs while I do some laundry. ….and hopefully, Tracy has a place to read this because I am pretty certain that she’s at the U of U right now with her boys and I wish to goodness we could meet…if it’s not possible, then know that you and your guys have been in my thoughts and prayers.
Okay, so as to actually earn some of the money that I’ll make on this little job, I’m going to mingle and see if all is still well here. Everyone take care of you and yours.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Whistling Dixie/dreaming of comfy shoes

Well, I'm heading to "home"...aka, Virginia this weekend. Tristan safely boarded his plane to TX and now it's my turn.
I am normally really sad the day that Tristan leaves but this time I only shed a few tears. People can say what they will about having an only child but ya know, my baby had no problem yelling across a crowd "love ya mom". Pretty cool. He'll be home in a month and I sure hope that he has a good time at his dad's. We'll typically text too much and talk at least once a day...gotta love electronics.
Well, have packed and am ready for all of my family and a few friends to see the round version of me. This'll be a new one for everyone. I'm sort of dreading the day tomorrow. We have to get up around 4 to get ready and have me at the airport at the recommended 2 hours earlier than take off. I'm a sucker for that rule because I've felt that we've cut it close before and I would just keel over if I missed my flight at 7. Plus, figure I'll grab a muffin or something for a breakfast and then hopefully, I'll just sleep most of the flight to Chicago where I'll have a bit over a 2 1/2 hour layover and can grab a decent bite for lunch before taking off to Richmond. ....I've really been struggling with my shoe choice for tomorrow. I tend to walk around the house in these ugly butt, bright yellow crocs that are about a size too big and comfy as all get out! Now, I've been known to go to walmart in these things for the sake that the rest of me is presentable. I'd probably wear them all the way to Richmond except for I've got that voice in my head saying "what would Mama do" (think I explained this in an earlier blog about how some say the WWJD, well, I feel I've got most of his rules down pat but my mom can be another level!! :) )...anywho, point is, my parents are seeing me at nearly 30 weeks pregnant and I have not seen them for nearly a year and a half...surely the big, ugly, so comfy crocs are out. It is just such a shame. I wore the presentable, nice little leather mary jane looking shoes to take Tristan to the airport, had them on for maybe 5 hours or so and came home with dents across my feet and my legs looking as if I shot them up with a saline solution. They truly didn't feel tight but let's face it...I have been living a pretty leisurely life style lately. Even the days that I work, I wear a size bigger boot and am rarely working more than a few hours at an actual job site and the rest is done at home on the computer. .....anywho, pray for my feet tomorrow. my flight too. and that Tristan is enjoying his stay with his dad. throw in one for Mikey too because he's going to miss us and he deserves a nice weekend.
Also, real quick, just got my first major baby gift yesterday from Ireland's auntie Donna in Colorado......way cool clothes. Cool socks, too. and bibs!!! My baby is already cool is that?!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Such a lazy blogger

Hi All!...I've been staying busy. I had a friend tell me at our bbq saturday that she worries when I don't write so I'm going to try to be better or atleast write a few times a week. Life with Ireland in tummy isn't such a ball of stress for me anymore because her outlook has been so good. We do have appointments coming up next week. Tuesday, I have another ultrasound and consultation with Dr. Silver, my diagnostic OB love/doctor and then on Thursday we have our first appointment with the pediatric surgeon. I'd imagine I'll post quite a bit either before or after that appointment. I'm excited and nervous for that one.
Anyway, I had an awesome bbq saturday night and wish all that I know and am getting to know could have come. Every year we tend to have one or two BIG parties and this was a good one. There were a few friends away due to us giving all of a two day notice but we still had a blast. There seemed to be tons of kids there this year. And of course as the night settles and the mild friends/younger parents trickle away, our wild people stay and make me laugh like crazy. I took a good nap that day so that I'd be prepared to stay up a bit and I'm so glad that I did...then again, a good friend moved the party to his house at around 11 because he was worried that I really needed to get some rest. Good people I tell ya! He needn't have worried but then again, I was instantly asleep when I laid down.
Also, have been sewing as if it's going out of style. I'm wondering if this is part of my "nesting" because in two days I've made like seven different bags and a requested neck pillow for my son. I've gone to the book store and bought like 4 craft books that I really didn't need and hoarded fabric to the point that last night my cheap butt sewing room storage system broke (of course, I did lean on it pretty heavily). Luckily, my good hubby assures me that he'll make some good shelves for me this weekend. Gotta love that man.
Anyway, I'm getting ready to fly out to VA for the weekend. I'm very excited to see my family and a few friends. It's going to be a short trip but it is much needed. I haven't been "home" for nearly a year and a half. My family has never seen me pregnant and they may be shocked of how short(feel like I shrink as I get heavier) and roly-poly I am at the moment. I'm very excited to see my aunt to see how she is holding up (short recap: she lost her son/my cousin recently) and am glad that I chose to visit her now rather than at a funeral when there is too much going on. ...Also am hopefully having lunch with a few friends. I had really lost contact with so many people from school because I've lived away from home since I graduated and am just glad to live in the technological world that starts to bring us back to one another.
Also, a quick note about my sister in law, Sarah. As soon as I find her blog again, I'm going to post it on here. She has a mysterious neurological illness that no one seems to know quite what it is and she has started a blog in hopes that someone will have some help or insight for her. If you could take a minute and read it, send her a prayer, maybe know a tip or two on where she could look for help, I'd really appreciate that. I'll try to post her blog by this afternoon.
Well, I'm going to start my day. Am eating nutritious cocoa puffs, need a shower and take Tristan to his last day of school. Plan on making sure all of the laundry is done and throwing a pork roast in the crock pot. The sun is shining and all is well.