Wednesday, May 27, 2009

things I've made for Ireland's arrival

I said I'd add these pics for sometime. Having some lazy moments before I get to work here and wanted to throw these on the blog.

These were the little eye masks that I made some time ago. Want to make many more for anyone that wants these or possibly needs to give their baby some flair in the NICU.

These are some simple burp cloths that I made...look much cuter then how I managed to photograph them. Oh well, can, not so much!

This is my Lucky dog sitting with some pillows, another little blankie and the eye masks.

These are the little outfits that I'm planning on making this week and one of them will be the coming home outfit...hopefully. ...for those sweeties out there thinking I have a grain of real talent....notice the words "easy" written on the package. This is always the key to anything that'll be worn outside of the house!! :)
Well, adding pics was a major challenge here for me. Just thought I'd let everyone know that I'm possibly the worst blogger and may need to get a book to make this take less than a half hour just downloading pics that kept going to the top of the page and then me having to frequently rearrange my words and pics......anywho, this is my hobby. I would not want a seamstress to judge me but I enjoy my amature work just the same. ....welcome any suggestions on books I should read to make my blog actually look more than amateur or anyone that simply has suggestions. Thanks!!!


  1. That all looks great! You will be busy soon! I know a mom of a CDH angel that donates gift bags to NICU's (set to go nationwide in the fall) and they accept donations of hats, booties, eye covers, journals, etc. If you would like more information just let me know.

    Keeping precious Ireland in our prayers.


    The Miles Family

  2. Chanda! I think everything you have made is just so pretty!!! I love the idea of the eye masks and you will always need styling burp cloths!! I am sure the little outfits will turn out adorable. Just think, adding pictures here was just practice so when Ireland does arrive, it will be easy. I so wish I could find time for my sewing machine!!

    Have a great afternoon, Tracy

  3. You can sew for me anyday!! I made one outfit for my neice once! ONCE! it took me 4 weeks to put together a Cinderella dress! It was nice when it was done though. I don't have the time to do the sewing that I'd like to though. I like your pattern choices though!

  4. Good job honey. They look great!! Don't worry about your blog looking like anything. As long as we get our Ireland updates we don't care what the blog looks like. Can't wait to see you!!!