Friday, May 15, 2009

quick post

I wanted to throw out there that I got the MRI results yesterday. There is nothing new to report. We're still dealing with just the stomach and bowels in the chest cavity. This is pretty decent news to us because in the past month that means that as Ireland is growing, she's not having migration of other organs into the chest. YAY!!! None of this is exactly exciting news but at this point, we can deal with this and are simply ecstatic that she is growing as she should.
I was also scheduled for my first pediatric surgeon consult. We're pretty excited about this because we have tons of questions for this poor doctor.

Just a shout out to Tracy, we are seeing a Dr. Sciac..something like that, is that Ian's surgeon? And how is your son?

To everyone that sent condolonces for my cousin, thank you. I've decided instead of flying out for his memorial service to fly out for a weekend to enjoy my family and friends. This was sort of my mom's suggestion and after thinking about it, it made sense. My cousin was not the type for mourning but for having a good time. I have not been home to VA for over a year now and it will be nice to see everyone. ....this particular weekend, is about mourning my cousin and celebrating his life, not greeting me. My thoughts will continue to be with my Aunt and her most immediate family. As too many CDH mothers know, anyone burying their child needs all the prayers they can get. My cousin was in his upper 40's and the fact is that his mother had to say goodbye and it is just not the natural order of things.

....also, for those wondering. I'd love to stay for more than just a weekend but between family schedules and my increasing amount of appointments, a weekend is all I've got right now.


  1. Wonderful news on the MRI results! No new surprises is good news. Keep growing Ireland and we are praying you beat your CDH. Ian's surgeon is Dr. Earl Downey. He has done most of Ian's surgeries. (He hadn't seen Ian in a couple of years and was so happy to see how well Ian is doing) Dr. Rebecca Meyers did Ian's ECMO decannulation. I will shoot you an email later and tell you how our appt. went on Tuesday. Dr. Eric Scaife is a wonderful surgeon too. I think he is the Medical Director for Trauma 1 Service at the hospital. I have met several of the surgeons when Ian was in the NICU and they are all so wonderful and caring. I am not sure if they assign one surgeon to each case or if we lucked out and had Dr. Downey for most of the surgeries and got to know him as a person. Let me know how you like Dr. Scaife and how the appt. goes. Praying for your family during this difficult time. That will be nice for you to go see family soon.

    Have a good weekend, Tracy - Ian's mom

  2. Such great news with the MRI. We have ours next week. We continue to pray for y'all.

    Brooke and Kamryn's Mommy

  3. Great news abou the MRI. Keeping you in my prayers