Sunday, May 3, 2009

Loving Technology...and ladybugs :)

I've gotta tell you that I just love technology. My awesome hubby got us all new phones yesterday...our 2 yr contracts were up so they were free. We went online, picked out what we liked, ran to the store to check them out, came home because they wanted to charge us something crazy upfront and then give us rebates (meaning Not free and we have to do all the stinking paperwork)....picked them out again online, Mikey did some talking on the phone, went back to the store, and now we all have really cool phones that play music, have cool features that we'll probably never use and our pictures are easier to see since they arrive much bigger than the old flip phones we had. Much better to see my far away nephew. Also, I'm pretty close to my brother and it's a great way that we keep in touch.
Anyway, I've been loving keeping up this blog. I have times like this weekend where I don't necessarily have much to say and then times where I could type forever. ...point is, it's a great outlet for me, I get such awesome feedback that can uplift and make a day so much better or really show me some real in site, and then I feel that I may be helping others through either what I say or what people say back to me. Good feeling!
Also, for those that are not on facebook. I highly recommend it. I have been in contact with tons of friends from back home in Virginia and family from all over and it is another great thing about our technological world. This is another place where I just plain old get good vibes constantly and if someone else is down, you can lift them up so easily with a few kind words. that i've pitched all things technological...I wanted to thank everyone for sort of supporting my feelings...the good and the bad. I also wanted to update on our shopping trip Friday. We went to quite a few places and I pretty much have my heart set on this ladybug set from Kids Line for Ireland's room. It has the colors of pink, sage and red....great girl colors and not too ooey gooey for my taste. Mikey wasn't sure about it at first and joked that he didn't know if there were any ladybugs in Ireland....but I told him, the great thing about infants is that Mama chooses and our Ireland won't be at an age to argue about her room. So, ladybugs it is. There are also cute flowers and I want to say a butterfly or two. We've pretty much decided to paint the bottom half of her walls pink, use the Kids Line "ladybug" theme border and then keep the top white. We're most likely going for white furniture because I have an old dresser that I'm giving her that will look much better with a layer of paint due to my apparent messy obsession with nail polish when I was young.....and, I am letting Mikey pick out the crib. I could honestly careless as long as it is safe. ...for now, our current savings plan has me scouring the internet for the best prices for this bedding and decor set. It's amazing the differences you find in prices. Babies 'r us had this set for about $165 and Shop-ko had it on sale for $120.....going to research some this week but may have to go back to Shop-ko before the sale ends on the 9th.
Anyway, we had an uneventful weekend. It was nice because we've had stuff to do each week for months now and we even had Tristan to ourselves (minus sleepovers) for once. Very nice. He's started his baseball where the practices just happen to be at the park next door to us...very convenient! T (Tristan) and I had church this morning, went out to breakfast, he got his haircut and I grocery shopped...Mikey came home before noon from work...and well, this Sunday was a perfect day. I personally love home and like days like this. I could of and probably should have done more chores but they'll be there tomorrow for me. It's not like I'm working tons right now. I'm starting to enjoy this staying at home thing and part of it is that I don't feel like I'm totally out of touch with the world....thanks to yes, technology. Plus, we're probably eating better, definitely saving gas money since my work tends to have me all over the state, and most of the time the house seems in a much better condition :) Granted the garden gnomes of UT have not congregated in my garden and magically made it beautiful...maybe soon.

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  1. I have to agree with technology and being able to keep up with friends and family. I love facebook too!! I think Ireland's ladybug theme is very cute...I am sure her room is going to look great. Have a good week...Ireland is in our prayers.

    Hugs, Tracy - Ian's mom