Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm whining...and updating on my babies

I feel huge. I believe I overdid it yesterday and really hurt my back. I've had the occasional uncomfortable back but man, I really did something! On top of that, I slept in a position that did not make me anymore comfortable. I believe that I pinched that stupid sciatic nerve again because my stinking leg has joined in the hurting this morning. I know, boo-hoo. I can't imagine those that suffer from this constantly...even if I suffer from this throughout the pregnancy, I know it'll end once Ireland is born. In my defense, it doesn't help this morning. I truly believe I get this because God insists on me only having skinny legs...granted they are not my pretty legs of yesteryear but they tend to stay on the slim side when the rest of me balloons beyond the so called "apple" shape and more in to X-LG lollipop shape....doesn't help that I'm only 5'4, when a few more inches could of helped me out!!!
Well, I couldn't sleep a wink, was up around 4 and just couldn't go back to sleep. Was a bit hungry and decided that since I'm feeling so thin to have some cocoa and just two decent sized oatmeal cookies...I splashed milk in the cocoa for some nutrition and figure there are raisins and oatmeal in the cookies...this covers some nutrition. Plus the ever wonderful prenatal pill/constipation endorser.
Anywho, will stop complaining for the moment. Plan on maybe doing some simple step aerobics on the Wii and maybe that'll help....we'll see. ......I've been really paying attention to my original 3 CDH babies. Kaden, Ruby and Charlie/Gumdrop. Of course, Kaden sadly passed away and my prayers are more focused on his family. I am still amazed at how soon I felt connected to Kaden's family and the journey that they were on. I click on their site to see how they're all doing and still feel upset on how unfair it was that their baby boy was taken so soon. I check on Ruby and am amazed with the strength her parents exhibit daily. They are on the path of doing what they can for their daughter and are continually teaching me the ways of the NICU while they are at the Children's hospital of Philadelphia. They have had to endure watching a baby across the room pass away, they've had to make ordinary decisions that are extraordinary during this time (i.e. should we leave to eat, sleep here or there, etc.), and through it all they detail each step through their blog. Ruby is one cute little girl and yes, I'm attached to her through following her little journey. ...and then there is Charlie. He has had his own long journey and is finally (as of a few days ago) home. Charlie was one baby that did not need the ECMO (big bad heart/lung bypass monster), yet was in the hospital for nearly 3 months. He also had a continuous up and down journey that kept his folks through the gamut of every emotion imaginable. And fortunately, he is home but must be isolated for up to a year. How difficult a time when during a pregnancy, you can't wait to show off your little baby. ...I'll be thinking of his family because I'd imagine this will be very difficult and is probably a very exciting and scary time. Many people forget that the main goal for all CDH babies is healthy lungs. The babies going home have one semi-decent lung and one lung that has overcome some major smooshing and is needing to grow and continue it's path of healing. The diaphragm is most likely still healing from the repair surgery, the organs that grew in the chest area are making a recovery to function properly in their new home of the abdomen, and some babies have additional heart problems, hearing problems, growth issues, etc. I see how hard the CDH journey is. My prayers will stay with Charlie's parents because the excitement of being home has a shadow of learning to deal with the hard stuff even while they get to enjoy the good of having him home.
Anywho, just wanted to update on these families because they're the ones I have initially observed since I found out about Ireland. Since then, I've had the pleasure of "meeting" tons more people that are on the up and up of CDH. I don't expect everyone to become advocates of CDH but I'd just like to say that even one small prayer for this condition, the families, the babies, and the doctors and nurses that deal with this....well, it is a good thing.
Of course, now that I've blogged a bit and filled up my belly some, I'm tired just as the sun is slowly peeking over the mountains. Silly me. I think I'll take myself a little nap now.


  1. Chanda,

    Sounds like we were up at the same time. Except, I had my cat up there on my pillow beside me, and we just hung out together for about an hour and a half. I finally went back to sleep about an hour before I had to get up. Oh, and I threw my back out the weekend before last, and it was my sciatic. I soooo know what you're feeling. Hang in there sweetie. And by the way, you are entitled to whine all you want. You have a free pass.

    Praying for you and Ireland!

    Love, Stephanie
    Brooke and Kamryn's Mommy

  2. I fully give you permission to whine. You’re caring a little gift from God and you’re entitled to whine. I'm fine!! Also I will put the others on my prayer list. It’s free and it couldn’t hurt. Hang in there. And PLEASE STOP over doing it!!! Milk this for all it’s worth.