Monday, May 25, 2009


Sorry, I've been keeping myself busy lately. Call it nesting or maybe realizing all that I should be doing while home right now. I am truly amazed at those that stay home and clean, cook and tend to all domestic things. I did this for almost two years when Tristan was a baby but man, I forgot. You work and work and sometimes,within a week (atleast on cleaning side) looks like you didn't really do all that much. I've been tending our very small garden....didn't want a big one this year...And, I've finally picked up my sewing bug again. I think having a girl has really upped my love for making stuff. I keep asking my son, nearly 14yrs old, if he'd like me to make him anything just because I realize that I'm doing so much preparing for Ireland now. He keeps saying that he'll think on it but honestly, for my guilty feelings, I don't think he really cares as long as he is fed, clothed, and gets some attention himself.
Anyway, we have a doctors appointment tomorrow. We have some questions to ask and also, I'm going to try to get my diabeties lab taken care of tomorrow so that I don't have to drive out to the UofU just for that. ....really, I hope that I'm not in some denial but I'm really not too worried lately. I feel that Ireland must have a mild case of CDH and even though I know her birth will not be my dream scenario and a stay in the NICU will be difficult, I also feel that I know she'll be home once it's over and I'm really feeling that she won't be a case that has to have some extreme sort of isolation once she is home. If things turn out different, I'll deal with it then. For now, I'm really enjoying my pregnancy, starting to enjoy staying home and just generally getting excited about having a baby again.
I'll try to post some pics of my latest sewn things sometime this week, just for bragging rights because truly, my talents are not expressed that often. (Most women probably forget all about the fact they have talents between taking care of kid/kids, significant other, jobs, home, etc.)...anyway, so far, it's just some fancied up burp rags, a few small blankets, and am going to make a simple dress for her to come home in...a few other small things.

Also, want to give a shout out to fellow veterans, past and present. I love them all and truly appreciate the freedoms I am allowed through their selfless service. Most veterans do not even realize their sacrifice until they can look back and realize what was given up on any given moment because the phone rang and you had to serve your respected branch of service before you did what you may have wanted to do that given day, month or year. Sadly, too many never even had the chance to look back. ....just something to think about on this Memorial day.

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