Monday, May 11, 2009

Appointments tomorrow

Sorry that I haven't posted lately! I've been busy with work for a change and when I haven't been busy in that way, I've been trying to get some rest. I've never had horrible allergies and these are taking the cake this year!
Tomorrow is the MRI, another ultrasound and meeting with our great Dr. Silver. I'm starting to run out of questions for him and tending to want to meet the surgeons and neonatal doctors. We're really ready to have a tour of where Ireland will be when she's born. We'd also like to see if there are any current patients with CDH over at the NICU. It would be nice to meet someone personally dealing with this and also to see what we're dealing with. It's one thing to read personal accounts and to see pictures but I really would like to see the real deal. I hear it's a shock and I'd like to get as much of that out of my system as I can. I am hitting this point where I'm feeling so positive about Ireland's outcome. I know that this probably seems to change from week to week but seriously, I can talk about her "condition" with a smile and not only reassure whomever I'm talking to but also really mean it. So far, she's come through all of her tests with flying colors and I'm just back on track of enjoying my pregnancy and getting ready for a baby to come home. I'm excited to hear her MRI outcome and also to have this next ultrasound. So far, each trip to the doctor and each test has brought us closer to feeling good about Ireland. I guess this MRI and ultrasound will be the thing that makes us feel even better. I'm hoping that since the MRI is scheduled for the morning that by the time we have the ultrasound and see the doctor in the afternoon, that we'll be told everything looks the same....meaning no more organs have pushed through that diaphragm hole. ....I'm also just excited to see Ireland...guess this is the selfish bonus of our appointments, we get lots of ultrasounds. She seems to be an octopus lately so I want to count legs and arms because this girl is on the move. She seems to be low and high all of a sudden! She must be an acrobat or, she should be starting to put some weight on and I hope we can get a decent 3D picture....we have a few already but she still looks sort of alien and majorly skinny in them. I'm also not wanting to stand on the scale this time! I don't think I'd even gained an ounce the last appointment or two but lately, I seem to be hungry every hour or so. Would imagine that there will definitely be a gain this go round....for anyone concerned, don't be. We dealt with infertility for nearly 5 years and that left me with extra weight before I even got pregnant so the doctor says I'm fine as long as I'm eating decently. I have to check but to date (26 weeks), I've only gained about 10lbs, if that. Once again, total chunky before I even got preggo and can assure everyone that I am a pig and rings were gone and moved to necklace by the 3rd month of this roly-poly adventure.
Anywho, prayers for us tomorrow please! Also, checked on baby Ruby the other day that I obsessively check on and she is off of the ECMO (big bad heart/lung bypass machine). So glad to hear this. Strangely overjoyed at the news of this little baby that I'll most likely never know.


  1. We will be at Primary's tomorrow...Ian has an appt. with the surgeons, maybe we will pass you in the hall!! I would offer to meet up tomorrow, but I know you have a very big and busy day tomorrow and we do too. We are making it a day trip, so we will be pushed to get everything done. Hope you have a good MRI and ultrasound and get a good report on Ireland...confirmation that she is going to come out fighting and beat this CDH!! Hope you get a decent pic of yoru precious daughter. Ireland is in my prayers.

    Take care, Tracy - Ian's mom

  2. :-) Hope your appt. goes well. My MRI was a nightmare (for me) but I kept telling myself, Maxton is going to have a big fight, the least I can do is lay in this thing for a while... of course, mine was done at 32 or 34 weeks, so i was HUGE by that time! :-) anyways, praying for you and glad you are able to enjoy things!