Thursday, April 30, 2009

One more test!!!

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from the U and one of Dr. Silver's team wants us to get a MRI now. Mikey is upset about this but I figure we're being treated by a team (technically) and things like this are bound to come up. There is a Dr. Byrne that is his partner and she's the one that requested this test. I figure they're also educators and if this helps them have a definitive outlook of Ireland's chest...well, I'm okay. It's not like it's going to cost us a gazillion and it was at least scheduled the same day as my next appt. in two weeks.
Well, Mikey has frozen me this morning. He is the thermostat nazi and must have took it upon himself to turn it off. It was 53 degrees on our thermostat this morning and I can tell you it was colder than that in the main rooms of our house...the news is giving us a high of 42 degrees right now!!! During the day, it's getting around mid 60s and feels good enough to turn off....the nights, another story!
Anywho, I was pretty productive yesterday....let's go for another day like that! Bathrooms could use scrubbing, sheets need washed and I should probably start focusing on something for mother's day.


  1. I feel your "team" of doctors are just looking out for your little girl and want a closer, detailed look at Ireland. Let me just forewarn you, all doctors have different opinions and courses of treatment. In the NICU at Primary, neonatologists rotate every 1 to 2 weeks, so we had many doctors during Ian's NICU stay. They each have their own opinions and perferences and it got frustrating, for you are on one plan of action and the next doctor wants to change it. The only constant we had was the surgeons...Ian had the same surgeons throughout his stay. Tell Mikey, they are just looking out for Ireland and have her best interests at heart. I can relate to it being cold at night. It does get warm in the days in Utah and Wyoming, but still pretty chilly nights right now, buurrrr, without some heat!! Hope you have another productive day!

    Take care - Tracy, Ian's mom

  2. They have requested another MRI for us as well, and we'll have to endure that in about 2 weeks. But, I'm like you, if it helps them better diagnose her, and helps them to get a better idea of where things are for when she's born, then more power to them. We'll do whatever.

    Stay warm and we're thinking of you. Praying for you!

    Brooke and Kamryn's mommy