Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So busy

My sweet Ireland Rose is well and kicking. Her mother is simply tired. I've had a rough job to do these past few days and am too pooped to do much by the time I get home. I've (hopefully) got one more day to do this job which is entirely too taxing on anyone and then will be back to what was becoming a domestically sweet job...aka, home.
Just to update on Mikey's sis, Sarah, she's as well as can be. I have to talk to her before I post too much because that is totally up to her. I can say, send her your prayers and/or positive vibes. Do the same for us, please. Thinking of all my friends and family and how much they all mean so much to me in their own special ways....and yes, that last statement was quite 'hallmark' of me, but i meant it just the same.

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