Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More good stuff!

Unexpectedly, the greatest doctor ever called me just a bit ago. He reiterated my amnio results and asked if I had questions. Which basically, I wanted reassurance about Children's Primary and he reminded me that hospitals are businesses and that they self promote. Also, he said that they treat this condition at least once a month and have very good statistics themselves. ....I also asked him about steroids and he said that those are mainly used on mothers that will definitely deliver sooner than they should...he doesn't see that with me and because of Ireland's condition there are many reasons why they do no good. He expanded on that note with me but it was confusing enough that I may have to ask again next appointment.
...anyway, I'm just loving this doctor and the good people that work with and for him. They're amazing and I'd make them cookies this minute if I thought they could have them.


  1. Beautiful Brady's,
    I miss the days I could hop in my car and bug you guys. I have been thinking of the unfortunate news you have received and hope for the best outcome for all of you. I have thought of calling you but cannot get myself to dial the numbers. I want to let you know I love you and it hurts me to see you in such pain. I thought back to old times and I could not remember ONE time we have had a bad day together...I am sorry to bring this up but I feel touched by your bad news. I am happy you have shared your thoughts and feelings with your blogs and keep us posted on the Brady's. We will pray for Ireland to have the strength to overcome her problems.
    Love you guys,

  2. And people wonder why I love that man... Vic has always been there for me way back when I was a young airman, drinking long islands, and playing suffle board...Trips to phoenix from las vegas (getting pulled over on the hoover dam!!) Jungle juice in turkey...which I won that day in cribbage victor!!!! Thanks for being the best bud you can be man.. miss you tons and think of D and the kids often... Mikey