Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Friday!!!

Well, I went to bed and woke up feeling guilty about last night's post. I had actually written some pretty horrible stuff that I later came back and deleted. I hope reading last nights ravings didn't read too choppy because I was definitely a butcher with it. In a way, writing it, even if I deleted it, got it out of my system. I feel that it has helped me snap out of my negativity.
Well, thank God it's Friday. This week has actually gone by fairly quickly. I had set up chores for myself, worked yesterday and will today, and am decidedly excited to go to this shower tomorrow. ..... I've been watching my CDH babies Kaden and Ruby that I talked about on an earlier post and they are doing well and give me so much hope because their cases are so much like little Ireland's. the way, I can't help but say "little"'s a quirk and she is little. ...anyway, back to Kaden and Ruby...they've had some major butt struggles and scary days and nights but they both seem to be going down the right path. They still have a long road because if I'm following correctly neither have had the actual surgeries to correct the problems, they're just preparing the lungs to handle the surgery....but, they're proving to be strong babies.
....well, I thought I wouldn't sleep a wink. I normally feel so sad when there is this big empty spot in the bed but apparently my body was willing to overtake the bed (wherever pets weren't taking it) and sleep deeply. I hope that Mikey slept as well. In fairness, he's been so sick that he couldn't keep still and that was rough, in addition to me sleeping lower than normal in the bed trying to keep from breathing in his sickness...silly maybe but I've yet to get sick and I'm just short enough that I can still sleep comfortably by lowering my pillow a head's length.
....I'm hoping Mikey and everyone will enjoy today. It looks as if they have some lingering showers this morning. He called last night to let me know they were riding around 8-8:30 pm. (see, this is why I'm perfectly fine with them going because dang if I'd want to 4 wheel that late!!!) As for this morning, I expect a call anytime. They tend to get up fairly early to eat and then get on with the day. Good times.
....As for me, I fixed some oatmeal and hot cider. Maybe this is my craving because I've really been into this breakfast's better than the biscuits and gravy that I'd been fixing for a while there but at the same time I question my oatmeal's nutritional value when I add the amount of brown sugar and butter that I do...then again, I do have raisins in there too. We'll just call it nutritious and save the criticism for another day. I also stared down the car seat this morning that was still on the kitchen table. It really is cute. It looks so new and it's the sage color with winnie-the-pooh's on it. It is so small. I can't wait to use this. I imagine Ireland having Mikey's dark hair and either my blue eyes or Mikey's green...hope they'll be green, very appropriate with her, I only have one baby picture, being adopted as a young girl and I'd like to think she'll have enough of me in her to see.
Anyway, I need to get on with the day. I'm working and then planning on taking Tristan to dinner and a movie. We'll also shop for a baby boy gift and then Tristan has some gift cards from his Grandma and Grandpa Doss from Easter and from his Grandma Santana (Mikey's mom) for what she jokingly called his belated birthday (Tristan's b-day is in June and she did not forget last year or ever as far as we can recall). :)


  1. I've found that typing it out get it out of your system and then you feel better... at least for me. :-) vent away, I think it will help you. Hang in there!

  2. Ashley, your advice means the most. You personally amaze me and show how strong people really can be. Chanda

  3. Hi Chanda, I have seen you post on several other CDH babies' blogs and wanted to introduce myself to you. My name is Tracy and I have a 5 year old survivor, Ian. Ian was born 4/3/04 in Rock Springs, WY with an undiagnosed LCDH. He was life-flighted to Primary Children's Medical Center in Utah, where he spent 53 days in the NICU, was on ECMO for 7 days, and had his repair on day 5. I can't tell you how impressed I am with PCMC there in Utah. Dr. Null, the medical director over the NICU is an outstanding man, as well as all of the neonatologists and nurses. Ian's surgeon, Dr. Downey has done several of Ian's surgeries and he is very knowledgeable of CDH. We are also very familiar with the cardio and pulmonology depts. and have our favorites there too. I don't think you can go wrong with your care in Utah. If you have any questions or would like to talk, please email me at or We were there at PCMC yesterday at the ENT clinic and will be there several more times in the upcoming months with Ian's yearly appts. and surgeries. Will keep Ireland in my prayers. Just to let you know CDH babies do amazing things and are so strong!!

    Look forward to hearing from you,
    Tracy Meats - mom to Ian, born 4/3/04 with LCDH and WY and CO State Rep. for CHERUBS

  4. Thank you so much for responding Tracy. I've been dealing with a bug since late Friday and am just getting comfortable with the idea of eating something and being able to keep it down. Once I can get a minute, I would appreciate being able to ask you a few questions. I'm so glad to hear in your confidence with Primary Children's. Even better to hear that your son is well. I'll be emailing soon...thanks again, Chanda