Saturday, April 25, 2009

Insurance and shower info

Yesterday, I was a bit lazy. Truth be known, I did run a few errands in the morning, got Ireland a few outfits and went through clothes that had been given to me and even hung those not that lazy. If Monica or Darryl is reading this, thank you. It's amazing that you guys have truly given so much to this baby. She is to the point that we just need a crib and bedding for having our basic needs covered. Wow!, Thanks again...we really don't know how to repay you, your daughter, or granddaughter.
.....I wanted to have a thorough and honest post for anyone going through this CDH stuff. This is really why I created this blog...AND getting my personal junk out there. I called the insurance company this week to have our major dose of financial reality out in the open. My first call to customer service didn't go so well. I must of got a hold of the ditziest girl in the place...she actually giggled because she said it was funny that I needed to see if I was going to be broke. The only reason that I even said this was for the fact that there was dead silence on her end and for a minute there I wasn't sure if anyone was on the line. Finally, after explaining our situation as simply as I could, I said please let us know if we're going to be broke or not. She giggled. Said she knew that there would b e a $200.00 admittance fee once Ireland was born and gave me another number to call once she was born. I was in a decent enough mood to say that I knew she didn't think this situation was funny and that I must of come across wrong, she atleast apologized. Anywho, about 2 minutes after I hung up, I decided to call the other number she gave me...this was actually the preadmittance number on the back of our insurance card (which is blue cross blue shield federal). ...Well, this time I got ahold of a very nice lady. She expressed concern for our situation and let me know that the pregnancy should be completely covered..very good news that I'll explain later. She then let me know that Mikey and I did not have to worry about making any calls once Ireland was born, that the U and Primary Children's was very good about covering everything, since our care is from here on out pretty much coordinated among many. More good news because there will be enough to worry about without having to stop everything and get insurance approval. ...From there, she wanted to transfer me to someone that could give us more detailed information about what is covered after Ireland's birth. This took a minute because she had informed me that she'd explain our situation. Well, this guy got on there, very professional and kind, and began to explain our policy in a straightforward and detailed format. Basically, there is an admittance fee of $200, there is a surgery fee (I'm pretty sure this was what he said) of $300. Our policy covers 85% of most everything else for Ireland's care and we'll pay up to our "cap" of $5000 and insurance will take over the remaining payments for the year that may go over that amount. Wow, $5000. We atleast have a number now. We figure with the doctor having already let us know that her care will at "best case scenario" be 3 weeks....that we'll be paying our full cap. We also know that at Ireland's birth, there is usually a minimum of 10 doctors and nurses present...most of these will be sending a bill, I'm sure. I pray to God that she will continue her road of "best case scenario" because come January of next year, we will start a new cap. ...Anyway, that man was very kind. He actually said that he was sorry to give us such news but that in today's world, it was much better than having to pay for all of Ireland's care. ...This is something Mikey and I agree on already. I can't imagine those that are stuck with the bill. .....Early this week, we got our first "bill" (really what was billed to insurance) and it was $1881. This bill was simply for my initial tests and did not include the dr's billing. Thank God again for insurance, because we won't have to pay a dime of this and also, I have so many appointments (every two weeks, later it's weekly and near the due date, I hear it can be a few times a weeek), that there are bound to be plenty more of these "bills" coming our way. ....I know we live in a society that complains about insurance, us included. Mikey works hard all week and pays a pretty penny for the insurance that we do have. We have complained with the masses until this came about. That insurance man was right, this is alot of money for us and is not an easy thing to swallow, but in the bigger picture, this is something we can atleast wrap our head around. We will most likely borrow against retirement. I have called our tax guy to see if any of this can be written off but so far I haven't had a return call....I'll have to try again this coming week. If you know anything about tax rules on any of this, please email, call, or post so I can get a hold of you.
Anyway, this may all seem very depressing but if you knew how much we have wanted this little girl, it's bearable. We had actually considered in vitro fertilization at one point and that, from what I understand, would have been just as expensive, actually much more. We just really want her to heal and come home. Maybe she'll get all of this worry out of the way and become an angelic teen....:)we can hope.
Well, we have friends and family starting to ask what we need. We truly need your hope and prayers. I'm still sort of wishy-washy on the whole baby shower. One day, I really want it, the next day, I don't. My friend, Jeannie is having it for me and I've actually decided to wait until July. Probably early July because she has a ton of obligations in June and I'd rather wait until we have more information from the neonatal side of things and know our basic needs from what the social worker will suggest. In truth, we know we'll need some baby things but we'll also need food and maybe gas cards (?) for while Ireland is at the U. Give what you can or what you think is best. Remember, Ireland's due date is August 23rd. This is the day before Tristan starts school....maybe you can just call us and see if we'd like a basic meal or something...I know I've got friends that make some great breads and stuff that can last our little family a week...that would be awesome and one less thing to think about. Also, if you buy Ireland clothing, she'll most likely skip out on the entire newborn sizes. In the hospital, the babies mainly wear a diaper, graduate to socks and hats....and if we're truly lucky, she'll be able to wear a onesie depending on her care.
....well, this felt like a very technical post. It's okay. Like I said, want this to be informative and personal. I hope everyone had a good week.


  1. I am glad that you have good insurace! These babies bills are usually in the millions. I got my hospital bill (the part for the insurace) and it was $400,000. That doesn't include doctors or anything. Crazy, but glad I have health care. Glad you got some reassurance there. We had gotten a few suggestions from other CDH families- stroller with a big bin just in case there are extra things she will need for care, and button down shirts for when they will let you dress her while she is still in the hospital (for the tubes). :-) We are still praying for you guys!!! Take care and let me know if you need anything.

  2. Chanda,

    I'm so glad to hear that you have good insurance coverage as well. I could tell you a thing or two about all of that, as we even did fertility, with both the twins that I'm pregnant with, as well as our 7 year old daughter. Combined # of attempts/years it took was 3 years to get our 7 year old, with one IVF attempt (failed) and one FET (successful) - no coverage. Then, years later, we decided to try again. Our insurance coverage was much better. Thank goodness, b/c this was our 6th and final IVF attempt at giving our Hollie a sibling(s), and finally it worked. Dealing with the insurance companies is the pitts, and I'm so sorry that we have to do that, on top of all the other emotions that we are presented with, and we didn't even ask for them. You know?

    Praying for you, and Ireland!

    Brooke and Kamryn's Mommy

  3. I am glad you have good insurance. When we got our bill we were shoked. We are so glad that the insurance covered it. I returned all the newborn outfits for Nayeli. I was shocked when they said she was good to wear clothing at two weeks. I only had one newborn outfit the rest was 0-3 months and it was big. Make sure if you get the onesies they are the button ones or any of the pj outfits too.
    Praying for Ireland Rose.

  4. Hi Chanda,

    My husband and I wanted to introduce ourselves. We to are expectingly a CDH baby in June this year. I have found it so very helpful to be in contact with those who understand this difficult journey and wanted to let you know that we are here and praying for your precious little Ireland and her parents!

    Please free to email us at and we'd love to chat to you further.

    With Love and Prayers

    Beth, Mike and Baby Bump James Reeve xxx