Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friends and family

I wanted to say how much all of the emails, calls and comments have made us feel that we're not going through this alone. Many of you are so far from us but simple comments and gestures are more than enough for us. We still have around 4 months of dealing with unknowns and I think there are sure to be ups and downs but between the doctor letting us know to be "cautiously optimistic" and all of our "peeps" letting us know we're being thought of and prayed for...I am personally believing Ireland is going to come out fighting so she can know everyone.
My depression has slowly lifted and I think I'm in an acceptance stage. Yesterday I made Ireland little eye masks so that when she's in the hospital they just don't throw blankets on her face to keep out the light...hopefully, they'll allow her to use them because goodness knows I can not stand a blanket on my face. (I'll try to figure out how to post a picture because if I say so myself, they're kind of cute...I even had some UofU material to coax the doctors into saying yes for these) And today, I'm ready to make her two blankets....yesterday, I had so much laundry that washing the new material had to come in last.
Mikey is sick as a dog. We're hoping it's just a 24 hour bug. I think he's done emptying his stomach and he is now just fighting a temperature. I doubt he'll work today since he's definitely feeling hot. Plus, he's got Moab tomorrow and come hell or high water, he'll be going. I'm glad he's going for those that are wondering. This is an annual trip that he and some guy friends take and I am pretty certain for those that don't know, it's the highlight of his year. They tend to go on 4 wheeling rides that I sure don't want to go on and it's just a guy thing. If I could take off for a weekend with my bestest friends, I'd's just his weekend costs gas and is very cheap stay between them all...........I'm pretty sure a weekend with girl friends would cost me a decent amount because it sure wouldn't be just riding in the open country.
I love you all and wish I could just drive up for a visit!!! Maybe I'll win the lottery today and will do just that...will be certain to post if we become instant millionaires.

p.s. a few friends have emailed that they can't post a comment...just hit anonymous and then sign your name...I'm not computer saavy enough to figure out how to change this.


  1. Hey! I have tried to post a few comments, but couldnt figure it out. Now I can!! Thanks. I just wanted to say, I have been keeping up with your blog and so appreciate it. It is so hard to live so far away and not be there for the ones you love so much. I hope Mike is doing better! You are all in our prayers and thoughts. Only God knows what tommorow holds, We only have to know Who holds tomorrow!! love Aileen

  2. Hey Aileen, thanks for thinking of us. Mikey is much better and we are simply taking all of this one day at a time.
    Miss all of you and will talk soon.