Thursday, April 16, 2009

about five minutes later...

Alright, the good thing about writing/typing this truth stuff is that it gets "it"...aka, the bad stuff, out of your system. The bad thing, you sometimes realize how awful your 'truth' was. Now, I have the irresistible urge to paint my baby's room and go buy her a dozen cute outfits. This is a very good thing. ...........being crazy by the minute and I wish there was a pill for this. Pray for my sanity and for those around me to understand...and of course, my family and Ireland.


  1. Chanda! You are such an amazing person! I believe that the truth of your words are the best healing that you can do! I follow your blog's easier than messages on FB!!!...lmao. Ireland Hope is the most beautiful name! I thank you for allowing me to follow your journey and all of your thoughts. It's theraputic for me as a mother of a three year old survivor! Imagine that! you helping me! too bad you're not closer to meet in person! I will be there in prayer! Bobbi

  2. Thank You Bobbi! I do wish you lived across the street. Of course, I'd ask you so many questions that you'd surely be a doctor by the time I was done. Also, I'm so glad you like the name....We have some family members that keep asking if we're changing it. God, if they want to name a girl, have one or buy a female puppy. It gets sort of irritating.
    ...I woke up feeling so bad about things I felt yesterday, I'm thankful that you are on here to say it's perfectly normal.
    Have a great Friday!